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a person who lowers the quality or character or value (as by adding cheaper metal to coins)

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209) See the original wording of Article 23(4)(i) in supra note 183 ("[S]egun los tratados o convenios internacionales, debaser perseguido en Espana.
The One & Only have a back-and-forth lyrical exchange style and Debaser is the big ego.
Her litter-sister Dirty Road won Galway's Irpounds 850 Stud Dog Owners' Stake and bred the McCalmont Cup finalist Debaser in her only litter, by Mustang Jack, who, like Some Picture, was a son of Slaneyside Hare.
Like so many other critics, Johnston is particularly keen to demonstrate Wordsworth's superiority over Byron, a poet of power (he admits), but a debaser of the female character and a plagiarist from 'Tintern Abbey'.
Was nothing sacred, wondered the old debaser, as the video sex act reached its climax, the obligatory money shot--the all-powerful phallus anointing the female face with its shame, only for the woman to break out laughing.
If you've not heard Debaser or Wave of W Mutilation or Monkey Gone To Heaven then this should be the next album you buy; if you have, then the extra discs are a treat too.
The crowd erupt when they finally start the album with Debaser.
On Sunday, the WOW Hall plays host to the Heroes in the City of Dope Tour, a show that will feature Zion I and the Grouch, Hangar 18, Bicasso, Deuce Eclipse and Debaser.
Debaser, Monkey Gone To Heaven, Where Is My Mind, Here Comes Your Man and Wave of Mutilation were the big singalongs but Gouge Away, Dig For Fire, Into the White and a version of Neil Young's Winterlong kept obscurist fans happy.
Debaser, the Kid Espi and Hot in Pursuit also will appear at this show, which starts at 9 p.
Monkey GoneTo Heaven, Wave of Mutilation and Debaser it is safe to say that today's scene would be completely different.
Summer Jam 2005 - Featuring Genus Pro, Mackdub, the Option, Michael Kay, Chewy, Cool Nutz, JB Evil, DZO, Money Shot, Indo, the Phormula, Debaser, CJ Mickens, Bigg Reece, Balou the Sasquatch, Dragon Tribe, Hard Times and the Breakdown dance company, 8 p.