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The Roman Empire survived the debasement of the denari by successive Caesars to pay their murderous Praetorian Guards not to revolt.
Weakening of the US dollar after announcement of QE3, talks of inflation and currency debasement are factors to send the yellow metal higher.
The society makes no attempt to disguise its unhappiness at what it sees as the continuing debasement of the historic civic quarter.
Images and texts that enjoyed little respect in their previous existences are now suspended in a state of permanent debasement and impenetrability thanks to some digital or handwritten juxtaposition: an arcade game with a semierased text that begins SHE LIKES THE WAY SHE FEELS or a stylized bluebird accompanying the words I'M SO GLAD I FOUND A WEBSITE LIKE THIS
To cross this threshold involves a new lowering of standards, a new debasement of medical ethics - but, no matter, we are told, the suffering of sick people must be cured.
Concerning the very suitability of language in this context, the artist duly records his skepticism: "Space systems are different than linguistic systems in that they're non-descriptive," he explained in 1976; as opposed to philosophy, art is not a "descriptive discipline," and "any linguistic mapping or reconstruction by analogy, or any verbalization or interpretation or explanation, even of this kind, is a linguistic debasement, in a sense, because it isn't even true in a parallel way.
The Democrats' first rejection of Charles Pickering was a watershed in the debasement of the judicial confirmations process," Gray also said.
A full-blooded Vietnam native who has lived in the United States since the age of 3, Nguyen possesses a natural, stoic stillness that feels right for both Binh's debasement and determined fortitude.
Thanks to the drivel started by Channel 4's Big Brother, we've seen the complete debasement of the word celebrity, so Lauren Bacall's attempt to halt the denigration of ``legend'' is to be applauded, even though it's 59 minutes and 59 seconds past the 11th hour.
It integrates our geopolitical and technical strategies to protect investors from debasement of global currencies and debt.
Thus inflation of the type that has be-deviled the West since 1970 has been driven purely by debasement.
It tells us more than we want to know about the debasement of modern manners that more than 200 young men and women were prepared to subject themselves to this "experiment in love".
Sex that is purely biological, he said, is deceptive and such debasement of the human body falls far short of the unconditional, self-giving love that God intends between a husband and wife.
That's not the kind of history our children should ever ignore, but slavery is not simply a historical topic, and it can unwittingly anaesthetise the unprecedented pain and cruelty of a trade in human cargo 'made here in Liverpool' and which continues its wicked debasement of the human spirit today.
Short failed to attend the hearing in central London yesterday ( but was struck off from the profession for "supporting and encouraging the debasement of children".