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  • verb

Synonyms for debark

to come ashore from a seacraft

Synonyms for debark

go ashore

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With Silversea's Personalized Voyages, guests enjoy the flexibility and convenience of deciding when they want to embark and debark to create their own personal version of the ultimate luxury cruise vacation.
The initial feasibility pilots have already shown promising results in Debark and Bahar Dar", said Founder and President, Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere.
Balsam fir logs are generally recognized as the most difficult to debark during the winter months within the spruce-pine-fir group usually processed in Eastern Canadian sawmills.
Course); debark at the Woodward and Warren bus stop.
bus (#53) at Woodward and Seven Mile Road (stop directly in front of Palmer Park Golf Course); debark at the Woodward and Warren bus stop.
Harvester-heads with capability to debark are generally mounted on excavator-based machines because the harvester-heads are heavy, and also require high-capacity hydraulic-powered mechanisms.
Guests aboard this voyage will also have the opportunity to extend their "Australian Adventure" when they debark in Cairns by purchasing and optional post-cruise overland excursion to the Australian Outback, or an offshore, outing to the Great Barrier Reef.