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  • verb

Synonyms for debark

to come ashore from a seacraft

Synonyms for debark

go ashore

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Some cruise lines offer shore excursions at debarkation ports such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale for passengers on late afternoon flights; if my ship does, that is an option I always explore (it is a great way to spend the day if I have not been to that port, and with no hassles: you assemble at a lounge, debark at an appointed time as on any shore excursion, and later get dropped off at the airport).
The higher basic relative density of the bark (relative to the wood) may explain why balsam fir logs are more difficult to debark than black spruce in the winter.
On Friday afternoon, as the passengers were packing to debark the next morning, the captain made the announcement that we would be at sea for two more days since Port Everglades was closed because of Jeanne.
Balsam fir logs are generally recognized as the most difficult to debark during the winter months within the spruce-pine-fir group usually processed in Eastern Canadian sawmills.
My husband became ill on the first cruise and had to debark when we returned to Fort Lauderdale at the end of the first 10 days.