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Synonyms for debacle

Synonyms for debacle

an abrupt disastrous failure

Synonyms for debacle

a sudden and violent collapse


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flooding caused by a tumultuous breakup of ice in a river during the spring or summer

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Since taking office Mr Kenny has stumbled from one debacle to another.
The Chocolate Debacle is a captivating story where two lonely people come together and form an odd friendship that comes to an abrupt and troubling end on the day Flo dies.
All interactions will be oneon- one to ensure free and fair review of the poll debacle," a senior AICC functionary said.
The medical remedy for a mesh related complication is much less defined, poorly studied, and is developing as the mesh debacle unfolds.
New Delhi : As expected, Congress party remained unchanged, despite the outfit's worst poll debacle in the last 30 years.
Danforth's inquiry into the 1993 Waco debacle in which 75 Branch Davidians died in a fire after a 51-day standoff.
Critics initially identified Daimler Chrysler's eponymous choice of location as a public relations debacle intended to symbolize the German/American firm's commitment to it's US roots.
Consumers in developed countries increasingly bypass products from companies that ignore workers' rights, damage the environment and, above all, use controversial ingredients--think gene-modified corn, steroids in beef and Britain's never-ending "mad cow" debacle.
The latter possibility makes the book's treatment of Hillary Rodham Clinton especially intriguing; she's virtually absent, moving through the narrative like an invisible tenth planet whose existence is divined only from her secondary effects (like the 1994 health care debacle that cost Democrats control of Congress for the rest of the century).
Asked to leave in the wake of the controversy that ensued, Tucker survived the debacle and went on to found the New Museum.
John Roberts deserves a fair confirmation hearing based on the facts and we are hopeful that the NARAL debacle will send a signal to other groups that attacks based on falsehoods will not succeed.
AFTER the debacle of the government losing the personal data of almost half the country is there anyone who trusts them to keep our data secure when ID cards are introduced?
There were some real minging games in there but not one of those great debacle things that we have.
The July debacle can be forgiven only if Lowe pitches some gems over the next couple of months and helps the Dodgers make the playoffs for the first time since 2004.
He has slipped off the hook for the debacle over kit shortages and talked his way out of the alleged involvement of British troops in the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.