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minute wingless psocopterous insects injurious to books and papers

bores through wood making a ticking sound popularly thought to presage death

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But it was entirely representative of the numerous unexpected and life-affirming experiences that have come from my simple desire to create an easy way to keep my family and my doctor updated about my failing health--I was at the "end stages" of AIDS--and, finally, to unconsciously be saying goodbye as I lived out my own public deathwatch.
THE 2009 Cheltenham Festival marks the second anniversary of the launch of Animal Aid's Race Horse Deathwatch - an online database that monitors all Thoroughbred deaths on Britain's racecourses.
Dear Editor, The 2009 Cheltenham Festival marks the second anniversary of the launch of Animal Aid's Race Horse Deathwatch - an online database that monitors all thoroughbred deaths on Britain's racecourses.
Now that the Hillary deathwatch is ticking down - perhaps an unfortunate image in light of her even more unfortunate evocation of Bobby Kennedy's assassination - it's time to turn our attention to another woman on the national political stage.
Animal Aid reports that through its racehorse Deathwatch launched at the start of the Cheltenham Festival in March, by June it had recorded 50 on-course thoroughbred fatalities throughout the UK.
We don't get the harsh frosts like we used to, so pests like silverfish, deathwatch beetle and clothes moths are thriving and causing damage to priceless wooden furniture, woollen antique clothing and valuable paintings.
99) presents the second novel in the 'Deathwatch' series, this providing an excellent sequel to 'Warrior Brood' and featuring more of the Deathwatch Space Marines; Dan Abnett and Mike Lee's REAPER OF SOULS: A TALE OF MALUS DARKBLADE (1844161933, $7.
There is no central heating, you have to put up with deathwatch beetle - that sort of thing.
Following the suicide of a fellow inmate, an unsavoury bunch of juvenile delinquents are taken to a remote prison island by Sean Pertwee in director Michael 'Deathwatch' Bassett's second film after Deathwatch.
Deathwatch, Up Periscope, and Survivor, as well as scripts for Perry Mason; he is also the brother of National Public Radio personality and author Bailey White.
Bertrand Tavernier's Deathwatch (1980) foreshadows the advent of reality television and pre-dates several other excellent dramatic films which play on and critique the genre, such as The Truman Show (1998), Pleasantville (1998) and Nurse Betty (2000).
Long into the night, speculation swirled urbi et orbe, in the city and throughout the world, that a deathwatch might be underway.
1 DEATHWATCH Bertrand Tavernier's depressing projection of tomorrow's world gathered an international all-star cast in manky Glasgow in 1980--long before its cappuccino facelift.
5 (4) Deathwatch (15) Horror lurks in Great War trenches.