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The paper's consideration of physical pain is more open-ended, weighing the hardier constitution of Elves as a lesser point of envy for Men than their relative deathlessness.
The Urn, prized for its aesthetic attributes of permanence and deathlessness, gives oblique testimony here to an event for which there are no more witnesses.
Weaver's ceuvre is defined by its insistent iteration of the deathlessness of ancestral heritage amid the life cycle.
archaeologists, cultural history, deathlessness, destroyed, education, established, explorers, farmers, Hu Jintao, invisibility, Li Su, Mao Zedong, memories, scientific knowledge, super strength, united, victory, Zhao Zheng
I am afraid to own a Body-- I am afraid to own a Soul-- Profound-precarious Property-- Possession, not optional-- Double Estate--entailed at pleasure Upon an unsuspecting Heir-- Duke in a moment of Deathlessness And God, for a Frontier.
If Christ is not divine (if Christology is low), we have from him no deathlessness.
Leon Kass puts it this way: "Man longs not so much for deathlessness as for wholeness, wisdom and goodness.
Discusses Tolkien's assertion that The Lord of the Rings is at heart about death and the desire for deathlessness, and speculates on the survival of LotR as a literary classic.
When Aragorn is on his deathbed, Arwen, who gave up elven immortality to marry him, tells him that the Gift of Men is hard to accept and that she can understand why men wanted to share elven deathlessness.
Elves "are concerned rather with the griefs and burdens of deathlessness in time and change, than with death" (Letters 146).