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the blow that kills (usually mercifully)

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John avers that the prince himself, rather than his mere attendants, is "the sole and preeminent lictor," because "it is lawful (licitum) for him only to give the deathblow through the subordinate hand [of his attendants].
Failing to keep up with new advances or make the right investments can be a deathblow.
This proved to be the deathblow for the SPBA, as the league no longer met the terms of its television contract.
The war dealt a near deathblow to social gospel theology, which had become widely adopted among the mainline churches; faith in unrelenting progress could no longer be held.
century; this depression dealt the deathblow to yeoman agriculture in
Following the collapse of "actually existing socialism" in 1989 and the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Right's Utopians seemed to deal a near deathblow to the Left's vision of a post-capitalist world.
e, the federal government--we would have struck a deathblow to DOMA.
The motivations to resurrect the issue is deliberately designed to be a deathblow to Republicans and their political integrity, particularly now that they are about to take over the Congress in January.
Richard took multiple stab wounds to his head and body, but the deathblow likely came from a halberd-an ax on a pole-which sliced through his head from behind.
13) More importantly, though, the whole dynamic of capital accumulation that his book boldly highlights is a deathblow to the meritocratic myth.
Although much of this article is critical, I must emphasize that the arguments presented here are not (nor are they intended to be) a deathblow for Kirzner's theory of the entrepreneur in its broadest sense.
Though Declaration of Independence clearly referred to the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, slavery continued till consciousness was raised against inequality and exploitation and the Emancipation Proclamation gave it a deathblow.
Sources privy to the matters also told Samaa that anticipating a backlash from the miscreants, the security agencies had decided not to go ahead with their deathblow operation plans until the educational institutions announced summer vacations.
Israel denounced it as a deathblow to peace hopes and said it would not negotiate with any government backed by Hamas, which is committed to the destruction of the Jewish state.
70) The devastating 13th-century Mongolian invasions merely delivered a deathblow to a once glorious civilization already far advanced in a suicidal process.