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the blow that kills (usually mercifully)

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Elodie Aba and Michael Hammer's briefing outlines several reasons why broadening the scope of the R2P would constitute a deathblow to the program.
But he added: "My view is that we'll look back in 20 years and say the final deathblow for Japan was [Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe and his policies.
But, Professor Tribe's comments notwithstanding, Wilkie was not an unequivocal deathblow.
This invitation can be viewed either from a closed perspective that looks upon the first antinomy as a deathblow to metaphysics, or from an open perspective that holds out the possibility of its positive solution.
defense need not signal an absolute deathblow to the plaintiff's
Releasing its annual activity report, the ystanbul Police Department stated it has dealt a deathblow to the gangs dealing in the sale and distribution of pirated and counterfeit merchandise in ystanbul with successful operations in recent years.
With brute strength, Thor holds up Jormungand's poison-spewing head by the fishing line as he prepares to wield the deathblow with his hammer.
71) The image of "the lazy Mexican always asleep under his sombrero," she wrote in the Village Voice, "has received its deathblow.
But, while the results are certainly a setback for the FMLN, they hardly amounted to a deathblow.
As Park observes, superstition in many forms has managed to survive and sometimes even thrive in the age of science-despite the all too common hope of the philosophes that reason would deal it a deathblow.
The Westminster tradition of an independent Public Service receives its deathblow in this Bill" (Wells, QPD, 5 September 1996, p.
The question of what killed most life on Earth 250 million years ago is a veritable Murder on the Orient Express, with multiple characters all dealing part of the deathblow.
In a contemporary setting, this would mean accepting that Africa's encounter with the colonialists has dealt an inescapable deathblow to our native tongues.
officials believe themselves in a race against time to deal a deathblow to al Qaedas remaining leadership in Pakistan, added.
While Perry has publicly touted the law as a landmark reform that will attract businesses to the state and allow employers "to spend less time in court and more time creating jobs," the statute may prove to be a mixed blessing, and it certainly won't deliver a deathblow to the plaintiffs bar.