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the last few hours before death

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the bed on which a person dies

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I was still listening in thought to her well- remembered tones--still picturing her pale and spiritual aspect, her wasted face and sublime gaze, as she lay on her placid deathbed, and whispered her longing to be restored to her divine Father's bosom-- when a feeble voice murmured from the couch behind: "Who is that?
It was very hard that she was not to have her own knife; it was her own knife; little sister Mary had left it to her upon her deathbed, and she ought to have had it to keep herself long ago.
His father lies on his deathbed and he amuses himself setting a policeman astride a bear
The picture of his deathbed, with Nicholas at his side, tending and supporting him, and he breathing out his thanks, and expiring in his arms, when he would have had them mortal enemies and hating each other to the last, drove him frantic.
On his deathbed, with a somewhat self-conscious virtue characteristic both of himself and of the period, he called his stepson to come and 'see in what peace a Christian could die.
If Mahomet founded a permanent religion after conquering the third part of the globe, it was by dint of concealing his deathbed from the crowd.
Francis Xavier's Church, Camberwell, and he was coming from a Camberwell deathbed to see the new offices of his friend.
The former of these teaching the folly and vanity of it, and the latter correcting it as unlawful, and at the same time assuaging it, by raising future hopes and assurances, which enable a strong and religious mind to take leave of a friend, on his deathbed, with little less indifference than if he was preparing for a long journey; and, indeed, with little less hope of seeing him again.
The Doctor, coming from his deathbed, passed along the gravel- walk at the side of the close, but no one knew what had happened till the next day.
All he knew and felt was that what was happening was what had happened nearly a year before in the hotel of the country town at the deathbed of his brother Nikolay.
On her deathbed the fortitude and benignity of this best of women did not desert her.
It is an engagement of honour, not of love; her father sanctioned it on his deathbed, two years since; she herself neither welcomed it nor shrank from it--she was content to make it.
I may use the word, for the alley and the gutter were mine, as they will be my deathbed.
London, Jan 31 ( ANI ): When we are on our deathbeds we typically wish we had been truer to ourselves, expressed ourselves better, stayed in touch with friends and not worked so hard.
It is equally obvious in her paintings of Ingres, Hugo, Rodin, Munch, and Cocteau on their deathbeds and in her remakes of well-known portrayals of the dead: Hamlet's Ophelia, the French revolutionary Marat, and the eighteenth-century teen poet Thomas Chatterton.