death wish

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(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die

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Intermediate disability conferred a 60% increased risk of death wish, and a high level more than doubled the risk (odds ratio, 2.
Directed by Michael Winner, it was the first in a series of five movies in the Death Wish franchise.
This is a free update and will introduce a new difficulty level where players can explore the Death Wish difficulty for every heist.
Death Wish V received mainly negative reviews from critics and was a box office failure.
One's death wish is the life desired for loved ones.
ABUSE: Ronnie Moore, also pictured on the Prenton Park touchline, inset, right, has received a Twitter death wish from an aggrieved supporter
And if that sounds like a rehash of Death Wish then you'd be right.
She had been addicted to drugs for many years and it seemed that she had a death wish.
While he was responsible for Oscar winners La Strada and Nights of Cabiria, his output also included Death Wish and Madonna's big screen foray, Body of Evidence.
This sport, or industry, already in decline, must have a death wish.
2003: US actor Charles Bronson, whose films included the Death Wish series and The Magnificent Seven, died.
And Dr Glass has said she believes the young starlet - who started her career in cute Disney movies before becoming a party girl - has a death wish.
The movement, never very big to begin with, expired due to its own, built-in death wish -- what started as a ``fun'' tendency of fans to throw punches while dancing degenerated into mindless concert violence -- by 1985.
Then it makes a loony detour into Death Wish territory and gets a lot more entertaining, even if plausibility gets some what strained.
More than a dozen viewers complained about the E4 show, Death Wish Live