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(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die

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It lacks sleaze, which the first Death Wish had in spades.
Our customers' safety is of paramount importance and Death Wish Coffee is taking this significant, proactive step to ensure that the highest quality, safest, and of course, strongest coffee products we produce are of industry-exceeding standards - thus we are taking this measure of recalling all Death Wish Nitro cans from shelves.
In a testament to the marketing power of a commercial spot during the Super Bowl, since the commercial's debut, Death Wish has been inundated with consumer interest and a massive spike in sales.
Intermediate disability conferred a 60% increased risk of death wish, and a high level more than doubled the risk (odds ratio, 2.
Directed by Michael Winner, it was the first in a series of five movies in the Death Wish franchise.
ABUSE: Ronnie Moore, also pictured on the Prenton Park touchline, inset, right, has received a Twitter death wish from an aggrieved supporter
Mr Winner, who made more than 30 films including the Death Wish series, had been ill for some time.
Although the required criteria are met (an incurable health issue leading to death or disability, paired with physical and psychological pain), Bertrand Kiefer, chief editor of the Swiss Medical Review urges caution: "Before responding to a death wish, we must ask if the people can find meaning in their lives despite their problems.
And if that sounds like a rehash of Death Wish then you'd be right.
While he was responsible for Oscar winners La Strada and Nights of Cabiria, his output also included Death Wish and Madonna's big screen foray, Body of Evidence.
This sport, or industry, already in decline, must have a death wish.
2003: US actor Charles Bronson, whose films included the Death Wish series and The Magnificent Seven, died.
Brandgenuity will handle core entertainment properties, including Pink Panther, Stargate, Robocop, Legally Blonde, the new Fame movie and the new Death Wish movie.
And Dr Glass has said she believes the young starlet - who started her career in cute Disney movies before becoming a party girl - has a death wish.
If the death wish is based on an autonomous decision which takes all circumstances into account, then a mentally ill person can be prescribed sodium-pentobarbital and thereby assisted in suicide.