death tax

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a tax on the estate of the deceased person

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Some state death tax systems are equally complex, and many Federal provisions do not carry over to the state systems.
Thus, the death tax will be reinstated only one year after it is repealed.
AIADA has activated its nationwide grassroots network to send a clear message to Congress that the Death Tax must be repealed once and for all.
Added Frank Luntz, president of Luntz Companies: "No matter what you call it -- estate, inheritance or death tax -- the American people find it unfair and want it eliminated.
In Indiana, for example, the pick-up tax is called the Indiana estate tax and, thus, the document could instead read, "including state death tax credits (but only to the extent that the funding does not create any additional state estate taxes)" In this way, the trustee would, in effect, be instructed to fund the credit-shelter trust with an amount that could produce a small marginal increase in the state inheritance tax, but would fully use the state death tax credit for the inheritance tax that would be owed.
AIADA is engaging its nationwide network of automobile dealers to drive the message forward that Congress must pass permanent repeal of the death tax.
The state death tax credit should be retained in its current framework, as a credit instead of a deduction, and any revenue losses to the states should be minimized.
Additionally, discuss the ramifications of the phase out of the federal state death tax credit, and understand the impact of Illinois' decoupling of the state death tax from the federal system.
However, it became increasingly clear that the death tax would be repealed.
Forbes' plan also calls for an end to the death tax and the marriage tax penalty.
Evolutionary tax reforms would achieve equity and increased economic prosperity by removing burdens such as the Death Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Alternative Minimum Tax from America's corporations and small businesses, as well as eliminating tax from all modes of consumer savings.
81% of respondents say they are motivated to take action on the death tax issue, including writing a letter to Congress; * 79% of respondents agree that their businesses are overtaxed; * 81% believe wealthy individuals will be able to avoid the "Death Tax" by hiring lawyers and accountants, but 73% believe the "Death Tax" is unfair regardless of the amount of wealth attained; * 66% say the tax is affecting their ability to meet company goals by distracting their attention (23%) and wasting resources (11%).
I am pushing hard this year for relief from the marriage-penalty tax and the death tax, among other tax burdens.
One in four believes that their heirs will be forced to sell off at least part of their businesses to pay the Death Tax.