death squad

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a clandestine military or paramilitary team who murder political dissidents or petty criminals (usually with the government's tacit approval)

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They might actually lie low for a while and order a temporary stop to the extra-judicial killings by the PNP death squads, in the hope to assuage the ICC Prosecutor that it is doing something to stop the killings, or even to fool her that there is actually no government-sponsored and funded program of social mass extermination,' the former Justice secretary said.
Furthermore, being financially well off and being a well connected community any arrests of target killers in past met with immensely powerful street agitations, according to the report, informing that the Shia death squads are cleverly operating under the garb of Shia NGOs such as Jaffria disaster cell (JDC), PYAM, OYAM and Baqiatullah.
Some of the criminals whose names he announced were later found dead, apparent victims of the death squad.
For Rodrigo Duterte, the brutal death squads that have claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people during his tenure as mayor of Davao City in the Philippines' main southern island of Mindanao are not a problem.
In the resolution filed Friday, the two lawmakers who both represent the left-wing Bayan Muna, said the existence of the death squad only proves the "incompetence of the local police force and the lack of respect of local government officials in the justice system.
In an article titled "Washington's Death Squads Caught in the Act" published on Friday, the site ( www.
We're beginning to see copycat death squads in other cities in Mindanao as well as outside of Mindanao,'' HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth said at a press conference in Manila.
Not only are the death squads an arm of the state, but they also play a major role in linking the oligarchy and the political elite to the multi-billion dollar narcotics trade.
A Peruvian court has convicted a former general and three members of a military death squad of kidnapping and murder in a ruling that prosecutors say could set a precedent in the trial of former President Alberto Fujimori.
There have been persistent but unconfirmed reports that Abu Deraa and other Shi'ite death squad leaders receive arms and funding from Tehran.
The family's real ID is buried away from his house for fear that if a death squad comes they might be found.
1941: A Nazi death squad murdered 30,000 Russian Jews in Kiev.
Bush's "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" leaves out what may be its two bloodiest pillars: a heightened air war and, on the ground, rampant death squad activity.
With Salihee dead it will now be more difficult to document death squad activity in Iraq.
I was on a list of people condemned to death by the Death Squad.