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the cellblock in a prison where those condemned to death await execution


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A leading specialist on women on death row, Professor Elizabeth Rapaport of the University of New Mexico, throws up her hands at gender-based comparisons.
In addition, Osthoff says many of the women on death row are there for the murder of a spouse or lover - six of the women hired someone else to do it - while about 90 percent of the men on death row are there for the murder of strangers or acquaintances, often done in the course of committing another felony.
Suicide and natural causes are the leading killers of Death Row inmates.
No vicious criminal's going to be deterred knowing that he's going to die of old age on Death Row," said Sean Walsh, spokesman for Gov.
A welsh lawyer, on a crusade to free 'innocent' prisoners on Death Row, has been forced into a battle with the might of the American legal system.
The hopes of many lifers and death row inmates rest with Emily Maw, but she has found herself fighting against the powerful US lawmakers for the right to enter a courtroom.
And while mistakes are rare, no fewer than 75 death row inmates have been exonerated since 1973.
Early on, Dennis Williams, lingering on death row, blames his predicament on "power-tripping racists" Clearly, there was a rush to judgment, and it's doubtful that the death penalty would have been sought if the victims had been black.
During his years on death row, Abu-Jamal wrote articles that were published in such places as The Nation and Yale Law Journal.
The tapes consisted of Abu-Jamal's musings about prison conditions, with particular focus on the character of life on death row.
There is a quickening on the nation's death rows of late--a picking up of the pace of the march toward death.
The largest death row stands in Texas (324 people: 120 African Americans, 144 whites, 52 Hispanics, four Native Americans, and four Asian Americans); the smallest are in Connecticut (two whites), New Mexico (one Native American, one white), and Wyoming (two whites).
Although murderers come from all classes, those on death row are almost without exception poor and were living in poverty at the time they were arrested.
Regardless of whether Lee ever reaches California's Death Row, it is a rare occurrence for prosecutors in Los Angeles County to even seek the death penalty against a woman.
If convicted and condemned, she would join eight other women on California's Death Row, including the three from the San Fernando Valley.