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a cast taken from the face of a dead person

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Inlaid with precious stones, its gold face is like a tiny replica of the death mask - which did form part of the last major exhibition of Tutankhamun's treasures to come to London in 1972 but is no longer allowed to leave Cairo.
Stuart Clarke, left, from Wild Dream Films who has made a film turning the death masks of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, pictured above, and William Shakespeare, into facial replicas
But the centrepiece and crowning glory of the show is the replica of Tutankhamun's death mask.
Instead of lying prone while the rest of the action is taking place, the death mask is on stage as his body double.
The key examples here would be Atkins's Death Mask II: The Scent, 2010, and Death Mask III, 2011.
Sarah Brown's memoir describes how she responded to Andrew's interest in the historic objects held at Chequers by showing him the wax death mask of Oliver Cromwell.
Tutankhamun achieved worldwide fame because of the stunning funerary treasure found in his tomb, including an 11-kilogram solid gold death mask encrusted with lapis lazuli and semi-precious stones.
A DEATH mask of the man who cancelled Christmas is the star attraction in an upcoming exhibition.
It houses a veritable treasure trove of goodies - from Mary Queen of Scots' death mask and the 16th-Century bed she once slept in, to the piano Chopin once played.
Studies of a little-known London bust and a 17th century death mask from Germany show that, measure for measure, they portray the same person - William Shakespeare, it was claimed yesterday.
Curious gallery goers may find an answer in the new exhibit titled The Ted Williams Memorial Display with Death Mask from The Ben Affleck 2004 World Series Collection, hosted by the Chelsea district's First Street Gallery.
But as usual, pride of place goes to the magnificent death mask, moulded from the face of benefactor Sir William Turner after he died in 1692.
There's a death mask staring impenetrably into space, and a funerary boat model complete with several delicate small figures, from around 1750BC.
1 -- 2 -- color) Photographer Don Smith, left, is reflected in his photo of a death mask of Egypt's King Tutankhamen.