death knell

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Synonyms for death knell

an omen of death or destruction

a bell rung to announce a death


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Byrd never was blessed with great velocity, and when he had elbow ligament replacement surgery in 2003, it could have sounded a death knell to his career.
Paul Lancaster, of Nuneaton Saturday Market Traders' Association, who is quitting his stall later this month, said: "I believe that if this building actually starts to take shape, it could be the death knell for Nuneaton as a shopping attraction.
Now some enthusiasts fear the mite could sound the death knell for Scotland's 6000 beekeepers.
At the same time, researchers sounded the death knell for dextran sulfate, aone-promising AIDS treatment, and cautioned against bypassing standard procedures for drug approval.
What the bureaucrats haven't realised is that grabbing farming land could well sound the death knell to farmers' survival.
We'd like to use this award to ring the death knell of reality television.
THE death knell is sounding for the out-of-town shopping centre, according to research by property consultants CB Hillier Parker.
Around 100 noisy protesters gathered outside the City Chambers as councillors sounded the death knell for the schools yesterday.
The measures not only signal Washington's displeasure with the way the nation's synfuels development program has been managed, but also sound what could be a death knell for large synfuels projects in the United States.
Convergence rings a death knell for several traditional consumer electronics.
A BOOM in the number of people booking holidays online could be the death knell for travel agents.
Per-channel charge regulations would be a death knell for media diversity.
THE death knell has been sounded for old-style Army barracks dormitory familiar to generations of servicemen.
But Fyfe, whose men beat Swansea to become the first Scottish side to record two victories in the Heineken European Cup, fears the idea could sound the death knell for the club scene.
The growing trend of 'integrated equipment' within the AWG and FG market another trend that is expected to sound the death knell for conventional stand-alone equipment in the long-term future.