death instinct

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(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die

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Freud has it that instincts are never a conscious act and that we should not mistake the death instinct for the desire to die, and the life instinct for the desire to live.
Evidence of the death instinct and its Nirvana principle abound: people's desire for peace, alcohol and narcotics; escape from stimulation; escapism through reading and watching movies; the craving for rest and sleep; suicide and suicidal tendencies.
2) Caropreso and Theisen Simanke re-examine the second instinctual dualism hypothesis introduced by Freud in Beyond the Pleasure Principle, pointing out that death instinct is an internal necessity of Freudian metapsychological theory.
Freud's association of romantic love with the death instinct opens the door to a number of other strange but revealing connections in our depths.
The death instinct is the dominant one in war, the life partner of men, but in women it is the life instinct that dominates, revealing itself through the death of the individual in the offspring.
Things come to an end when there is no longer any hope or faith, when the life force surrenders to the death instinct," Henry Miller wrote in the 1940 edition of The World of Sex.
Bond concludes by observing that the Death Instinct often takes over our minds and hearts when we give up the will to live.
But actually, the convergence of the two thinkers is still more interesting because in Freud's conception the death instinct is inextricably linked to the problem of repetition compulsion.
It bowed a month after "Mesrine: Death Instinct," still sitting pretty in eighth after six frames.
Similarly, Deleuze sees the death instinct as a possible escape from regressive and neurotic repetitions, while Freud sees regression and neurosis as its symptoms.
From death instinct to attachment theory; the primacy of the child in Freud, Klein and Hermann.
Similarly, the innate destructiveness of the death instinct, whether appearing as sadism or masochism, can be said to assist life in the long run for it ultimately returns all matter to an inorganic state, allowing for the process of growth to recommence.
Cosgrove explains in an earlier chapter that she views stasis, particularly as it relates to Drach's Holocaust accounts, as "a manifestation of the Death Instinct in language and social order" (p.
When Antigone depicts herself as Niobe becoming petrified, what is she identifying herself with, if it isn't that inanimate condition in which Freud taught us to recognize the form in which the death instinct is manifested?
instinct is a negative manifestation of that of the death instinct.