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the cellblock in a prison where those condemned to death await execution


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Having been led into a barn-like building called "the Death House," our tour guide startled us by pulling a lever releasing a human effigy from the ceiling.
At the Death House Door," a documentary by Steve James and Peter Gilbert, two of the filmmakers behind the Oscar-nominated "Hoop Dreams," offers a sympathetic portrait of Pickett, who led men through the last 15 to 18 hours of their lives.
She sweet-talked her way into persuading the guards to take her to the death house, where the executions take place.
She persuaded the guards to take her to the death house, where the executions take place.
Among the others were a thriller called Death House and another called Meet the Grim, about an unexpected guest at a house party.
Betty Williams, Dobie Williams's mama, is here now in the death house of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, a terrible place for a mama to be.
Death row inmates now are segregated on the first floor of a general population cellblock; the new death house stands 200 yards away from the main building.
ON THE MARKET The Barry death house, above, and killer Robert Mochrie, left.
Condemned Inside the Sing Sing Death House, by Scott Christianson, New York University Press, 2000, 166 pp.
Chief of Detectives Ralph Oriscello tracked down the killers and saw them convicted and sentenced to death; then, as the elected sheriff of the county he became their jailer and eventually transported them to the death house.
San Quentin's Duffy states that "capital punishment is a tragic failure, and my heart fights it even as my hand gives the execution signal in the death house.
On the day, he was taken to Death House, 15 miles away from his death row cell in Huntsville," she explains.
As Terrence Rafferty writes in the New Yorker article "Amazing Grace," "The hope of the movie, as of the book, is that familiarity with the death house .
Television cameramen lined the road as Williams's hearse crept from the death house, its red emergency light circling in the darkness.
Additionally, he executive produced numerous well received original documentaries and series, including This Film Is Not Yet Rated, which took on the MPAA for its ratings practices; the Peabody Award Winning Brick City, which chronicled a year in the life of Newark's Mayor Cory Booker; At The Death House Door, Steve James' Documentary on the death penalty; R.