death duty

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a tax on the estate of the deceased person

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The most wealthy in society manipulate death duty loop holes to avoid paying any death duties.
Limit for death duty is set to be frozen at pounds 325,000
The problem is more urgent in London - the average property owner in the capital is expected to be liable to pay the 40% death duty in less than a year because of average yearly house price growth of 11.
Through the site family history researchers can locate and purchase original records such as passport applications, death duty registers and births, marriages and deaths at sea.
The Chancellor plans to hike the PS325,000-per-person death duty allowance for family homes to PS500,000.
The Galwegian, considered by some to be the finest point-to-point rider of all time, partnered Muirhead to victory at Kirkistown on Saturday to put him on the 999 mark and he reached the magic number yesterday when Death Duty won the four-year-olds' divided maiden - his 722nd win in a maiden race in points.
Research by Scottish Widows found that almost one in four households in the UK have an total estate valued at more than the new pounds 300,000 threshold for death duty.
People with estates heading towards the inheritance tax threshold breathed a sigh of relief by news that the level at which death duty kicks in will rise from pounds 285,000 to pounds 350,000 by 2010
In 2001,117 postcode areas had average house values that made homeowners liable for death duty, Halifax research found.
THE number of homeowners in the UK liable to pay death duty has risen to 10 million, according to new figures.
The really rich people are the only ones who can defend themselves against this tax because they can afford the best lawyers and accountants to tie up their assets in so many Swiss bank accounts and red tape' the government has got more chance of finding the Holy Grail than receiving a penny in death duty off them.
Chancellor Gordon Brown could raise an extra pounds 147 million a year while cutting death duty for almost nine out of 10 people, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research.