death chamber

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instrument of execution consisting of a sealed chamber into which poison gas is introduced

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If my execution ensured no other innocent man was sent to the death chamber then I will willingly - and am prepared to - die for that cause.
The unique Death Chamber from Knight and Hale Game Calls ($19.
His lawyers filed an appeal for an emergency stay of execution, after he had been "gasping and snorting for more than an hour" in the death chamber.
With access to prisoners on death row, filmmakers have spoken to young people about living with the threat of the death chamber.
They met Darby in a cell set aside for visits that was also near the death chamber.
Set in Florida "The Death Chamber Of Commerce" is a complex and fast paced story, revealing how clandestine politics can turn people into lunatic fanatics.
McCarthy received news of the reprieve in a holding cell next to death chamber in the state prison in Huntsville.
McDonald is led to the death chamber where the condemned spend their final hours before they receive the lethal injection.
The condemned have a high risk of carrying diseases like hepatitis and HIV And conditions in the death chamber are not conducive to organ recovery, said Mike Rosson, regional director of the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance.
Media witnesses are as much a part of the execution process as the officers who escort the inmate to the death chamber or the officers who strap the condemned to a gurney," said Cook.
Lewis appeared tearful, her jaw clenched, as she was escorted into the death chamber.
The men who carried out the murders were spared the death chamber, but Lewis was not.
Lewis appeared tearful as she was escorted into the death chamber on Thursday before being bound to a gurney with heavy leather straps.
Lewis appeared fearful, her jaw clenched, as she was escorted into the death chamber and bound to a gurney with heavy straps.