death cap

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extremely poisonous usually white fungus with a prominent cup-shaped base

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The hearing in Taunton was told she found the death caps, which contain up to 20 toxins, under oak and fir trees in their garden last November.
Unfortunately, it's not difficult to find a death cap.
Russo said one of the main problems with the death cap is the mushroom's delayed effect once it's eaten.
Death caps are large white mushrooms, often pale green on the outside of the head, with a cup-shaped base.
The latest death cap fungi fatalities came less than two years after tragic mum-of-two Amphon Tuckey, from the Isle of Wight, died in her husband's arms after tucking into the mushrooms by mistake.
It is in the same family as one of the world's most deadly mushrooms, Amanita Phalloides, or the Death Cap.
The death cap, which stops cell division, can take up to three days before rendering symptoms.
Amphon Tuckey, 39, cooked the death cap fungi after niece Kannika picked them by mistake at a botanical garden, an inquest learnt yesterday.
The death cap can take up to three days for the effects of liver damage, including yellowing eyes, to become evident, said Dr.
It said the death cap was not cultivated and is believed to have been growing wild.
Isle of Wight council, which shut Ventnor botanic gardens yesterday, said: "The death cap is not cultivated there but is believed to have been growing wild.
7 Destroying angel, death cap and fly agaric are all poisonous species of what?
However there are also a few varieties of fungi that are not safe to pick such as death caps and sulphur caps.
Numerous pro-consumer bills were passed in 2007 and 2008, addressing issues as diverse as automobile liability insurance, bad-faith insurance practices, wrongful death caps, workers' compensation, products liability, and more.
The stabbing death caps a longstanding debate over panhandlers and problems they cause.