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extremely poisonous usually white fungus with a prominent cup-shaped base

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All parts of the Death Cap mushroom are poisonous and eating just one can be fatal.
It has provided some protection from liver destruction, by the ingestion of death cap mushrooms by lab animals.
But what you really have to be careful about is the death cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides, called a Gruner Knollenblatterpilz in German), or the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria, or German roter Fliegenpilz) which are truly deadly.
An Italian couple who mistakenly ate lethal Death Cap mushrooms received emergency liver transplants in a desperate effort to save their lives.
On the other hand, mycologists generally agree that the most poisonous mushrooms are a few species of Amanita, called Angels of Death or Death Cap.
In California, there have been several poisonings and some deaths from eating Amanita phalloides, or the death cap mushroom.
In a Swiss study involving 205 victims of death cap poisoning, 189 received standard medical care and 16 received silymarin.
Mistake a death cap for Caesar's amanita and in hours a hepatic hole opens into the sky.
The mushroom shown above left is called the death cap - for good reason
A MUM of four died after accidentally using toxic death cap mushrooms to add flavour to her soup, an inquest heard yesterday.
If only she knew that Ioan had taught him everything he needed to know about fungi, so that morning, he had no problem spotting a death cap poking through the snow, and knowing exactly what to do with it.
In 2008, one woman died and another was seriously ill after eating toxic death cap mushrooms on a trip to Ventnor Botanic Gardens on the Isle of Wight.
She ate what are believed to be death cap fungi for lunch with Thai sausages with her niece Kannika Tuckey on Monday.