death adder

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venomous Australian snake resembling an adder

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After striking such a frog, a floodplain death adder thrashes around and lies on its back with its mouth open, Shine reports.
The death adder gets caught in an evolutionary trap because the cane toad toxin remains toxic for many, many hours," he says.
If you come across one of these death adders, end it properly.
For this hunt I used a 63-pound Habu Death Adder Longbow, Easton Legacy Arrows, Zwickey broadheads, ASAT Light Fleece from Day One Camouflage, and Swarovski 10x42 binoculars.
DEATH ADDER Unlike other elapids, this stocky Australian snake has long-hinged fangs that fold back against the roof of the mouth within a sheath of skin.
This is where I slept in my swag, among the road-kill and beside a death adder in a terrarium, the dingoes circling the house at dawn and howling.
Poking around the sandstone cliffs of Robinson Gorge, Steve gets a Death Adder stuck in his bootlace.
I guess affirmative action's OK, but I don't need it,'' he said from the Student Union's game room where he was playing ``Golden Axe - the Revenge of Death Adder,'' a video game.