death's head

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a human skull (or a representation of a human skull) used as a symbol of death

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All that talk about his death's head and his head of fire is nonsense
Visitors are greeted with the familiar death's head caps and their grinning skulls which were also printed on SS sport shirts and flags.
Rydw i'n ddiolchgar tu hwnt i Gwyn Jones, Edern am ysgrifennu ata i gan amgau erthygl wnaeth ymddangos yn y Daily Post ar 15 Awst 2003 am lindys gwalch-wyfyn y benglog (Acherotina atropos; Death's Head Hawkmoth).
Continue reading "The Age of Bad Holocaust Novels: Adam Kirsch Reviews John Donoghue's 'The Death's Head Chess Club'" at.
This sign is followed by "The Second Sign of Predestination," with the engraving of a death's head, again acting as a kind of frontispiece that offers a theme for the discussion that follows, on mortality, of the ever-needful preparation of all souls for death (67).
Now The Death's Head Chess Club is set to be published next month - and such is the excitement in the book world, a version has also been printed for the American market.
He volunteered for the SS in 1943 and was assigned to one of the Death's Head battalions.
And the death's head and/or coffin is the archetypal symbol for it.
Theodor Eicke - commander of the SS Death's Head Division and a key figure in establishing concentration camps - is on the list along with Erich von dem Bach, whose police units were responsible for the mass murder of 35,000 civilians in Riga and killing 200,000 people in Belorussia and eastern Poland.
Hummingbird and Death's Head are types of which flying creatures?
Next to it is a first communion card and container of communion wafers spilling onto the table where a death's head is filled with strawberries.
There were also sew-on patches of the death's head symbol of the SS, the paramilitaries who spearheaded Hitler's genocidal attacks on the Jews.
The circular wall piece, which is 50 inches in diameter, has a death's head in the middle of radiating snow skis.
The man himself claimed to be son of a colonel in the Prussian regiment of Death's Head Hussars, but one has to be wary of anything Professor or Doctor or Mr Ketterfelto says.
Also, from the infamous Mauthausen prison camp in Austria, run by Himmler's Gestapo, there were rifles with SS and death's head marks, preserving a history that we must never forget.