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Synonyms for dearth

Synonyms for dearth

the condition of lacking a needed or usual amount

Synonyms for dearth

an acute insufficiency

an insufficient quantity or number


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After Mir, Ghalib, Iqbal, Faiz in poetry and Noor Jahan and Mehdi Hassan in music, the country could not produce any legend, he said and questioned why there was dearth of such legends these days.
Dearth, who is a natural-born citizen living in Canada, brought the legal action because current federal law prohibits him from buying or even renting a gun for personal protection while back in this country.
Dearth claims that Hoodoo's operators failed to remove the metal bin from a spot near the tubing hill, didn't properly groom the hill to make it bump-free, and failed to maintain a safe barrier at the hill's sides to prevent tubers from being thrown outside of the lanes.
Jane Ann Dearth, 42, the former president/CEO of the $53 million Riverview Credit Union in Belpre, Ohio, pleaded guilty Jan.
ISLAMABAD, June 11, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The work on twenty agricultural projects in federal rural areas is shelved due to dearth of funds.
Citing the shortage of able candidates for the vice- chancellor's post, the ministry has gone ahead with its move stating: " It is because of a real dearth of competent people willing to provide academic leadership in our university system.
Summary: There seems to be no dearth of the issues that the main opposition can blame on United Progressive Alliance government.
Dearth summoned the local, state and federal legislators representing Lanxess' headquarters area of southwest Pennsylvania for a discussion.
Dearth (Geoff Elliott) speculates that neither he nor his marriage to Mrs.
Prompted by a blossoming tourism industry and the dearth of a community network, Morrison created GayStay.
Noting that the dearth of women in rural Canadian government seems more connected to the dearth of women candidates than sexism on the part of the voters, Carbert (political science, Dalhousie U.
The NFBA provided us with the perfect opportunity to make a difference by contributing to the dearth of furniture inventory for Katrina's victims," said Furnished Quarters' founders, Steven and Gary Brown.
However, a continued dearth of sediment may trigger a significant shift in the balance of organisms at the base of the food chain, he and his colleagues speculate in the April 16 Geophysical Research Letters.
Because of the dearth of hockey literature and the quality of this volume, Our Game is a great book to put in the hands of any hockey enthusiast.
My loyalties are clearly divided, but I'm going to be sitting among the Arsenal fans supporting Cardiff,' said Mr Dearth, 37, who has been Islington mayor for the past seven months and a London resident for the past 12 years.