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Synonyms for deanery

the official residence of a dean

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the position or office of a dean

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The Wales Deanery has worked closely on this project with many stakeholders and partner organisations including NWSSP, health boards, the Welsh Government and the British Medical Association to modernise the employment arrangements for GP specialty trainees in Wales.
The West Midlands Deanery said it could not comment on individual cases and that individual NHS trusts select who they wish to employ.
Protecting the information of thousands of UK doctors whilst maintaining a high level of service to our users is paramount to our IT staff," said John Leigh, Head of Information Technology at the North Western Deanery.
Each parish in the deanery retains the presence of a priest on weekends and outlying parishes have one weekday Mass.
Sarah Rowland, production manager for the Deanery Pilgrimage performances, said: ``It's a lot of hard work, but the event will be spectacular.
In addition, 177 students (out of 228) in the Education Deanery, who were not taking Unique Learning, completed the LCS in the second semester.
You will be interested to know that in the first year of the Second World War I worked at the Dorchester as an apprentice cook and when I left each day via the Deanery Street egress after my lunchtime shifts, I was searched by the doorkeeper in case I had nicked anything.
THE HEALTH CARE LIBRARIES UNIT COORDINATES, FACILITATES, and promotes continuing personal development for all staff in the Health Libraries and Information Network (HeLIN) of the Oxford Deanery (UK).
A few months later (months, not days) he went to his first local deanery conference.
A doctor called out after she collapsed in an alcoholic stupor immediately admitted her to The Deanery, a private clinic in Christchurch.
The keen cook regularly opens up his deanery and invites guests for sumptious feats cooked by his own fair hand.
This compressed portion of the faculty contains administrative offices and the deanery, separated from teaching spaces by the main entrance hall and a glazed node of circulation.
Prior Information Notice: Supply of office supplies, storage and distribution to the judiciary, civil registries, prosecutors, forensic medical clinics, and public service deanery valencia.
Themed "About Face", the conference is organised by the Welsh Rural Postgraduate Unit, Wales Deanery and Cardiff University and will be held at Maesmawr Hall, Caersws, near Newtown on Friday, June 5.
ALMONDBURY Deanery Synod representatives were in Harrogate for the first meeting of the Synod of the new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales.