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removal of the amino radical from an amino acid or other amino compound

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AMP deamination and purine exchange in human skeletal muscle during and after intense exercise.
CHQ is a weakly basic tertiary amine and is metabolized by oxidative deamination, elimination of the side chain, and N-oxidative pathways.
This enzyme catalyses the oxidative deamination of mono- and polyamines [11, 12].
Bacterial deamination of proteins generates ammonia and short-chain fatty acids.
The cyclic oxidational decomposition of the unstable carboxydes and/or carbohydrates of humus substances, rapid hydrolysis of the formed microbial matter, and deamination of humus molecules, as well as the cyclic synthesis of stable humins and humic compounds (Flaig 1971; Martin & Haider 1971), are due to changes in such cyclic carbon-nitrogen relationships (Table 3).
GDH activity was maximum in bodywall than silk gland suggesting the increased oxidation of glutamate, it shows that, oxidative deamination of amino acids can be envisaged.
The decrease in the GDH shows decreased oxidative deamination of glutamate and thus providing less energy by deamination process.
from the phenylpropanoid pathway, which begins with the deamination of
1) (followed by subsequent deamination reactions) and glutamate synthase (Reaction 3, Fig.
Both are cytosine-to-tymine transitions, which easily occur by spontaneous cytosine deamination to uracil.
Structurally it is close to guanine and can be formed by the deamination of guanine.
thermal deamination of N-benzyl-N-nitrosopivalamide.
Duvick, 'Oxidative Deamination of Hydrolysed fumonisin [B.
Proteins are hydrolyzed after intensive deamination, as a result NH3 produced by NPN (non protein nitrogen).