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Synonyms for deaminate

remove the amino radical (usually by hydrolysis) from an amino compound


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Because of their high specific activities of ammonia production, the HAP bacteria are considered to deaminate over 25% of the protein in feeds (Krause and Russell, 1996).
Therefore, asparaginase has been used as chemotherapeutic agents against cancer in order to deaminate asparagines, leading to starvation in cancer cells [4].
Significant depression of urea level in NPQ- and slightly in NPE- rats suggests impairment of the ability of the liver to deaminate proteins by Q and E in NP- diet; serum urea is a product of protein degradation by the liver.
Ara-C has no effect on Escherichia coli, since the bacteria lack dCK that phosphorylates Ara-C into its active form and they actively deaminate Ara-C into Ara-uracil through the activity of cytidine/deoxycytidine deaminase (cdd).
The simplicity of measuring DNA methylation is attributable to the use of sodium bisulfite conversion, a chemical process that deaminates unmethylated cytosines to uracil while retaining methylated cytosines (Herman et al.