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14] A subset of 100 selected patients, with deafness likely to be of genetic cause (mostly familial cases) and who did not have any mutation in GJB2 gene, were investigated for mutations in the GJB6 and GJA1 genes.
As Esmail notes, assistive technologies (like ear trumpets) and sound technologies (like the telephone and the phonograph) were products of a Victorian interest in deafness and signified a faith in technology to remedy deficiencies or disability.
He said that passengers should chew a gum during take-off of an aeroplane as air pressure on the eardrum due to barotrauma results in the rupture of the eardrum and consequent deafness, adding that opening and closing the mouth by chewing is an important tip for the ear care.
Vivienne Michael, chief executive of Deafness Research UK, said: There have been some major breakthroughs in recent years but research has the potential to deliver so much more, for example through stem cell and drug treatments.
Deafness Research UK's free leaflet Just Diagnosed with Hearing Loss?
According to Tranebjaerg (2008), the worldwide prevalence of profound, congenital genetic deafness is 11 per 10,000 children.
These cases of deafness and tinnitus are blamed in part on the use of MP3 players.
Cathy, who lost her hearing after an accident when she was six, and Michael, who has been deaf since birth, both have bitter memories of growing up with deafness.
Thus our case had classical triad of keratitis, ichthyosis and deafness suggestive of KID syndrome with sporadic mode of inheritance.
NATIONAL charity Deafness Research UK's award-winning Bionic Ear roadshow will be touring Wales for three weeks in September.
AS One Direction's Louis Tomlinson becomes the latest in a line of young pop stars to announce he is suffering from noise-induced deafness and tinnitus, Deafness Research UK is reminding everyone that hearing conditions are no respecters of age and this latest case is part of a worrying trend of hearing loss among the young that needs to be tackled now.
WORKERS at British Airways Interior Engineers will receive a visit from the charity Deafness Research UK with a message on hearing health.
Deafness Research UK wants to assure people they are not alone and we are here to offer help, guidance and support.
Direct injection of steroids into the middle ear for the treatment of sudden deafness was shown to be no more or less effective than oral steroids in restoring hearing levels in a large comparison study of patients.
A new genetic fault that may account for some cases of inherited deafness has been revealed by Dutch researchers.