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caused to hear poorly or not at all

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It is also a chance to learn more about NADP which is an entirely voluntary organisation of deafened people themselves working to help others who have suffered the trauma of losing their hearing as adults.
Now, tests have revealed that he was deafened in his right ear.
They also plan to test whether gene therapy can restore heating to guinea pigs deafened by age or noise exposure and whether their method is effective when there's a significant delay between heating loss and treatment.
will facilitate training workshops for people who are Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing to enable participants to become certified American Sign Language (ASL) instructors.
PROTESTERS deafened shoppers in Coventry as they toured the city with their "jumbo van" to gather support against an airport in Warwick- shire.
People deafened after early adulthood and completion of their basic education are more likely to communicate well in English.
Deafness rehabilitation counselors received more hours of training on issues facing hard of hearing and late deafened clients than general rehabilitation counselors.
Qualitative interviews were conducted with a sample of eight deafened adults in the Province of Ontario, Canada.
Instead of working to increase the number of deaf schools, the government focused on differentiating three different types of deaf schools: those for the totally deaf, those for the partially deaf (born with defective hearing), and those for late deafened or adventitiously deaf.
But above all, he had been deafened and haunted by the moans of suffering children.
ALDA (Association of Late Deafened Adults), meets monthly.
The Mansion focuses on Linda, Flem's stepdaughter, who is widowed and deafened while fighting for the Loyalists with her husband in the Spanish Civil War, and on her actions when she returns to Jefferson.
NIDRR funding in FY 1994 of a Research and Training Center in Mental Health and Hearing Impairment to focus on the psychosocial and adjustment needs of hard of hearing and late deafened adults;
York Region will conduct an accessibility audit of medical facilities, public institutions and not-for-profit agencies in the region, and use the audit to produce an accessibility database to be used by people who are Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing.
This will be a great opportunity for North Wales deaf, deafened and hard of hearing young people to get together.