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Deaibes, who served as Geagea's interpreter during this interview, goes on to underline that, as a deaf-mute, the performer is speaking directly to audience members from the deaf-mute community -- who share a daily struggle with the systemic stereotypes of a society that has not been educated to understand or empathize with the deaf.
There were also various journals including The British Deaf-Mute and the American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb that served deaf communities and deaf educators.
Elsewhere in the novel, God is referred to as the Great Deaf-Mute.
The facility includes a hemodialysis center, a socio-educational centre for disabled children, a local community day nursery, and a center for the deaf-mute.
Japan has decided to extend 2 grants amounting to US$189,960 for the project for improving environmental public health in Old Sana'a and the project for improving school bus operation of Deaf-Mute Care in Rada'a District, Bayda province.
Typical of the stories is that of a deaf-mute woman who was picked up on suspicion of prostitution--and later stoned to death--when her real "crime" was waiting for her brother in front of a shop window.
Even more informative than the scattered documents in Khazali's residence was the capture of a supposed deaf-mute.
One consistent theme is the series' efforts to humanize monsters--often beginning with situations of political incorrectness (like "Johnny Freak," about a deaf-mute child amputee) but end in true compassion, without patronizing their subjects.
Their Mexican maid, who was left to watch the children, encounters difficulty crossing the border after her son's wedding, while in Tokyo, a deaf-mute girl, whose father has a connection to the man responsible for the shooting, struggles to cope with her mother's suicide.
the current ones over the autism- mercury link and late-term abortion for fetuses with deformities, and the longstanding one over deaf-mute Helen Keller's achievements.
The original film's main character was a deaf-mute who was a fearless gunman.
That's why I didn't mind this idiotic, poor remake of a 1999 Thai thriller about a deaf-mute hitman (he can't hear the cries for mercy).
Though he read the script -- the other two stories involve the American couple and a deaf-mute Japanese teen -- Garcia Bernal says seeing the film was different than he imagined it.
Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi, a nominee for best supporting actress for her role as a deaf-mute high school student in ''Babel,'' failed to win this time.