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Synonyms for deaf-mute

a deaf person who is unable to speak

lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak

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Antonio Hornedo, 51, also a deaf-mute said "I can use my writing abilities [even with my disability]".
Deaibes, who served as Geagea's interpreter during this interview, goes on to underline that, as a deaf-mute, the performer is speaking directly to audience members from the deaf-mute community -- who share a daily struggle with the systemic stereotypes of a society that has not been educated to understand or empathize with the deaf.
Iran's Morteza Farshbaf won the other New Currents prize for Mourning, which follows the story of a deaf-mute couple left to care for a young boy after his parents are killed in a car accident.
The facility includes a hemodialysis center, a socio-educational centre for disabled children, a local community day nursery, and a center for the deaf-mute.
Japan has decided to extend 2 grants amounting to US$189,960 for the project for improving environmental public health in Old Sana'a and the project for improving school bus operation of Deaf-Mute Care in Rada'a District, Bayda province.
He's considered the first person to have taught a deaf-mute to speak and was an early sign-language developer.
Typical of the stories is that of a deaf-mute woman who was picked up on suspicion of prostitution--and later stoned to death--when her real "crime" was waiting for her brother in front of a shop window.
Their Mexican maid, who was left to watch the children, encounters difficulty crossing the border after her son's wedding, while in Tokyo, a deaf-mute girl, whose father has a connection to the man responsible for the shooting, struggles to cope with her mother's suicide.
the current ones over the autism- mercury link and late-term abortion for fetuses with deformities, and the longstanding one over deaf-mute Helen Keller's achievements.
That's why I didn't mind this idiotic, poor remake of a 1999 Thai thriller about a deaf-mute hitman (he can't hear the cries for mercy).
In May 1867, the College Nine, known as the Columbia Baseball Club, made their claim as champions of the deaf-mute community.
A court heard how deaf-mute social worker Andreas Milakovic's life became dominated by his son Yacob's disability and he sank into a deep depression as he struggled to cope with his painful fits.
In Tokyo, deaf-mute student Chieko (Rinko Kikuchi), who's angry at the suicide of her mother, her disability and failure with boys, lives on a knife edge between her own destruction and reconnection with her estranged businessman father (KojiYakusho).
Though he read the script -- the other two stories involve the American couple and a deaf-mute Japanese teen -- Garcia Bernal says seeing the film was different than he imagined it.