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Synonyms for deaf-and-dumb

lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak


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The First Regional Congress of the Arab Deaf-and-Dumb is held by the European Disability Forum, in partnership with the Arab Organisation of Disabled People.
The Conference includes five sessions focusing around the rights of the deaf-and-dumb in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, communication tools between the deaf, the education fields, the difficulties of integrating the deaf in society and the role of the deaf-and-dumb in media.
Miriro subsequently appears in the dreams of a schoolboy, but, as one of the narrative voices acknowledges, "It is not easy to tell this story of a deaf-and-dumb woman married in her deafness, her inner silences eternal.
Several international, Arab and regional organisations and participating delegations presented, in this regard, their contributions in matters of care for the disabled, such as the strategy of education development in the Arab world, the integration of employment as main section of the Arab Pact on the Disabled, the dissemination of the standardised Arab dictionary for the deaf-and-dumb and the implementation of a programme to teach the sign language .