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Although plain and simple language is the hallmark of all good written informed consent, those compiling a written informed-consent sheet for deaf persons should be aware of the difficulties with literacy faced by most deaf persons, and the possible interference of another language (sign language) on the understanding of grammatical devices such as word order or the passive construction.
Official statistics estimate the population of deaf persons to be 389,677.
The second ethical choice is to translate what is said but tone it down if you think the deaf person will be offended.
In addition, a university degree or equivalent would of course enable a deaf person to find a better job in the competitive market of today," he added, while noting in this regard that the first deaf Qatari student was recently granted admission to a university in the United States.
Thanks to the power of modern medicine, miracles really can happen, enabling a blind person to see, a deaf person to hear, or someone to walk for the first time.
I think this is rubbish - you can never make a deaf person into a hearing one and why would you want to?
Not only do hearing dogs carry out a wide range of practical tasks, but they also provide a deaf person with the support and confidence needed to live an independent life.
A deaf person usually has moderately severe to profound or total hearing loss such that they cannot rely on hearing to process information;
An implant, combined with a sound processor, provides a sense of sound and an understanding of speech to a profoundly deaf person or those severely hard of hearing.
During relay service calls, housing providers will likely receive a message from an operator who is facilitating the conversation between the deaf person and the person he or--she intends to reach.
It is stated that the cochlear implant cannot restore the normal hearing of a person, but it can help any deaf person to be able to hear a "useful presentation" of sounds.
Every time may case involving a deaf person, automatic it will be referred to that police station," Maunes says.
I know from experience how people will put a barrier up when faced with a deaf person.
Turns out that 007 had about as much chance of bedding a bevy of beauties as a deaf person had of understanding Mandela's memorial service.
Marwa overcame her fears of playing a deaf person by learning sign language from a specialized professor, alongside the other actors, and she is totes proud of how the film turned out, according to Sayidaty.