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Synonyms for deaf-mute

a deaf person who is unable to speak

lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak

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Hence, this study in deaf mutes have been undertaken to assess its effectiveness as a simple inexpensive screening procedure.
HOME FREE J From top, Bert with Peggy in the 1980s, the couple in the 70s and proud Margaret with picture of her dad ON THE RUN Z Left, Bert in Brussels, where he posed as deaf mute, his dog tags and, below, train ticket to Paris and fake French passport IN UNIFORM 3 Bert before war and, right, with wife Peggy and Army report telling family that he was missing
The Institution for the Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes (IIDM), created in the 1860s and housed at 67th Street and Lexington Avenue, was technically nonsectarian but had been established and run by Jews for some thirty years.
Acquisition of speech and language are totally dependent on one's ability to hear and thus children who are born deaf may remain deaf mutes unless identified and rehabilitated at an early age.
He posed as a deaf mute to hide his accent and eventually returned to the UK through Spain.
The deaf mute anti-hero of the original film is replaced by a morose, straggly-haired Nicolas Cage, whose opening voiceover monologue reveals, "The work's steady but it's not for everyone.
Just as Joe begins to let his emotional guard down, even falling in love with deaf mute pharmacist Fon (Young), the hit man discovers Surat intends to double-cross him.
Meanwhile, in Tokyo, grieving deaf mute teenager Rinko Kikuchi struggles to communicate.
Or, as in another recent case, arresting a deaf mute whose sign language they misinterpreted as an insulting gesture.
Boatman, a deaf mute, was a foundling in the Turkish fishing village of Cesme.
A deaf mute man bravely fought his brutal killer, police revealed yesterday.
During yesterday's ten-minute hearing a sign language expert interpreted the proceedings for 6ft 7in Joseph, who is a deaf mute.
In an attempt to prove it was not discriminating against Ahmad's client, the company trotted out another employee, a deaf mute, who testified that the dry cleaning company treated him wonderfully, Ahmad said.
Garris's acclaimed short stories, which have appeared in magazines and popular genre collections "Hot Blood," "Splatterpunks" and "Silver Scream," visit a success-hungry producer who trawls the underside of the Hollywood dream (the title story and its sequel); a beatific deaf mute who turns holiness into perversity ("Joy"); a desert community where golden-agers seem to be growing young ("Baby Shower"); a couple crossing paths in an unusual dreamscape ("Dream On Me"); an everyman who's dying to get noticed ("His Insignificant Life .
It's more frustrating then a deaf mute playing bingo, getting bingo and trying to holler out "Bingo
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