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remove air or gas from


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As the material is deposited, one or more workers are assigned to deaerate (or fork) the material by forcing a rod fork into the loose silica.
One procedure to remove these impurities is called sparging, and typically, nitrogen is used not only to deaerate water, but to prevent oxygen and C02 reabsorption.
Recommended for coatings and pastes, it disperses one or more finely divided solids into liquids and will simultaneously deaerate.
Heat combined phases A, B, C and D (water phase) pigment grind to 80-84[degrees]C and mix slowly to deaerate the batch.
Optional vibratory decks deaerate and densify material in the bag at preset set points to create a solid, stable bag ready for shipment.
5" hg, the blender will be used to mix and deaerate a viscous paste.
Every cooling system must remove entrained air and deaerate within a given amount of time or at a specified rate.