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an oppressive encumbrance

a heavy motionless weight

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This will solve all potential deadweight loss problems.
Farm programs have the potential for generating significant deadweight losses in two ways.
Deadweight could be defined as outcomes of the projects which would have occurred without public intervention.
He added: "Looking ahead, I have no plans to change the Beltex's role within the commercial flock and whether we sell liveweight or organic deadweight in the future will be responsive to the premiums that are on offer at the time.
Deadweight testers are primarily laboratory instruments.
In this paper we revisit the very basic concepts of tax revenue maximization, the "optimal" tax rate (we wish to emphasize that optimal tax in this paper is used in the narrow sense of tax revenue maximization and not the socially efficient tax) required to achieve it, and the resulting deadweight loss.
From this, the value of the deadweight loss of the tax (denoted here as [L.
This article describes my research on the existence and size of the monopoly price differential caused by copyright in the case of books and the size of any concomitant deadweight losses.
Based on deadweight tonnage, arrange the tanker categories in order from smallest to largest carrying capacity.
Although the deadweight costs associated with time spent in tax planning may seem socially wasteful, the relevant question is how much waste would exist using alternative means to achieve the same social goals.
The current price is 35p per kilogram deadweight higher than the price of beef this time last year.
This essay examines an important way in which antitrust law still ignores the core reason that economists condemn monopoly and price fixing: deadweight loss.
The uncertainty of the realization of force for the national deadweight force standards at NIST is discussed, as well as the uncertainties associated with NIST's voltage-ratio measuring instruments and with the characteristics of transducers being calibrated.
The new ships (big, double-hulled boats in the Suezmax, Aframax, Panamax, Products and GLP classes) will add 3 million deadweight tons to Transpetro's cargo transport capacity.
The Model 501AR can be used with the company's Model 472-1 ConstaLoader controlled descent durometer test stand or the Model 478 deadweight test stand, featured in the photograph.