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an oppressive encumbrance

a heavy motionless weight

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Deadweight testers are primarily laboratory instruments.
This deadweight loss is generated from the following:
However, we find it cost effective to retain 95% of the crop and grow them on over winter on hybrid rape and kale forage crops until February in order to secure the higher premiums that are available in the deadweight market.
448 MN, NIST developed six deadweight machines in which discrete forces are generated by deadweights.
Even if Keynesians have no knowledge of deadweight losses per se, they observe the net-of-tax return from market-sector activities, and rationally allocate their work effort between market and nonmarket efforts within any given time period.
Mr Kolesnikow added: "Not surprisingly given the acute disruptions to live markets, our analyses show liveweight prices have been affected to a noticeably greater extent than deadweight values.
Mr Burrell said finishers selling deadweight should note that each transgression reduces the weight of the carcass when it is put over the scales to determine payment.
The association claimed they should set a target price of at least 200p per kilo deadweight for their animals.
60 euros per kg deadweight, which is already lower than comparable prices elsewhere in the EU.
The Model 501-AR can be used with the company's Model 472-1 Consta-Loader controlled descent durometer test stand or the Model 478 deadweight test stand.
Average returns are just 100p per kilo deadweight compared with 150p in the mid 1990s,caused in part by rising feed costs forced up due to the drought and the problem that pig meat has become a global commodity.
Currently, however, force is typically calibrated by hanging standard weights on the force measurement device, and deadweight force standards are only available for calibrating forces down to approximately 10 [micro]N.
6p per kg deadweight, representing the largest week-on-week increase recorded so far in 2012.
The deadweight R4L steer price for Great Britain stood at 302.
Social cost can be split into two parts: actual assessment revenue collected and deadweight loss from the method of collection.