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As opposed to artists who, like Chuck Close, employ the techniques and practices of the digital, bending them to personal ends, there is a disembodied deadness here that aims to capture the detached glamour of the digital age, an abstract expression of a life spent before the screen.
He wasn't smiling and his eyes had a deadness about them as they averted the camera's gaze.
They take Lewis one step further, pushing his views on the deadness of art toward its dialectical exasperation.
In the end, his vision could not be given usable form; it could not replace what it attacked as insufficient, and led only to greater spiritual deadness.
I arrived too late to bring the hanged man back to life: for, if there are degrees of deadness, he was by then already very dead.
To mourn this loss--to undo the prohibition--would recover the capacity to be moved in a way that need not be disparaged, and so to feel fully vital and alive without inducing a self-humiliation that requires the reflex of emotional deadness and expressive self-paralysis.
In Bishop's epiphanies, the terror of flooding or fiery motions that threaten mental chaos through dissolution of the self is as great as the contrasting fear of rounded, hardening shapes that embody the deadness of the isolated, bounded self.
The challenge is away from triviality, stagnation and inner deadness, toward vitality and fulfillment (Levinson, 1978).
30 "The dryness, emptiness, and deadness of the California landscape take on additional meaning, becoming signs of an earthly hell, perhaps the Land of Ulro.
This deadness to the sacred is comically reinforced the morning after Ignatius' arrival.
The speaker confronts an emotional deadness, heard in the repetitive rhythms of the sentences, in the preponderance of weak or passive verbs, and of course in the perceptions, observations and narratives themselves.
They have not reckoned with the dead or their own deadness.
If she squeezed down on the trigger she would be dead--and deadness was blackness, nothing but pure terrible blackness that went on and on and never ended until the end of all the world.
But the image retained its sense of Maud's living deadness, her position between conflicting forms of being.
That a "miracle" should arise despite this preceding deadness infuses the implied reader, as it does the narrator, with a sense of privilege.