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Synonyms for deadness

the quality of being unresponsive

the physical property of something that has lost its elasticity

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the inanimate property of something that has died

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We claim that liveness and deadness are not two distinct realms, separated by a knowledgeable border--the event of death.
But the reports of September's deadness have been greatly exaggerated.
Behind the powered steering wheel, the DS 3 responded with a little deadness but its turning circle was good for town and country use and it was very steady at motorway speed.
Once through a low speed feeling of deadness in the throttle pedal it moves along nicely and is notably more hushed at speed than before.
Once through a low speed feeling of deadness in the throttle pedal it moves along nicely and is notably more hushed at speed than before - indeed, it's hard to think why anyone might need a quieter place to travel in.
Thankfully, I don't have any pain now but do feel some nerve deadness on the right side of my knee, not that it restricts movement.
This someone also railed against the deadness of scholarship and emphasized the importance of language--Martin Heidegger.
Just before the episode she gives in to deadness by deciding to become a social wife to Skrebensky, but after the scene she experiences rebirth and repudiates all social bindings.
Perhaps this occurs because cinema itself is a partial object of the undead libido of reproducibility that gestures to the stage, a manifestation of its deadness.
In her opinion, the worst thing that could come upon her was not death as such, but the deadness while being alive and dying in resignation.
The simple function of this in the film, I gather, is to raise the temperature by letting admirers of the founding fathers, and entertainment-seeking moviegoers, have it both ways, so that we can all ambivalently, or alternately, value the nobility of publicness and responsible, equitable distribution of wealth, while also getting a thrill from the perfect fantasy of accumulation and private wealth that is the buried horde of treasure, a figure that in its burial indexes (progressively) the deadness of labour that is money, of pure exchange value, and that also indexes in its recovery (conservatively) the capacity to dig up the deadness and put it back into exciting, perverted circulation.
Along cancer treatment soybean has potential to treat many other diseases like cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's disease and can prevent elder from deadness.
Eliot's classical association between Poe and adolescence, which is after all a stage in human evolution consisting in a "reification of feelings and relationships" leading to "emptiness, deadness, and desolation" (Schafer; apud Schneiderman 1988: 10).
6) This sense of entropic suburban deadness became the subject of Jamie's Goat, 2000, in which he revisited his hometown dressed as Dracula in the company of various witnesses, one of whom duly noted, "Every house in the street of his old neighborhood looked the same.
Stanyek and Piekut (2010) posit that a nuanced understanding of living-dead musical interaction goes far beyond acknowledging the aliveness or deadness of the performers in question.