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Synonyms for deadliness

the quality or condition of causing death

Synonyms for deadliness

the quality of being deadly

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The tenth line is flanked by deadliness and invention, thematic antonyms.
The first is three pocket-sized books that delve into the Alnwick Castle recipe archives and feed into Jane's obsession for herbs and plants and most especially, anything poisonous, aphrodisiacal and curative (she famously opened a Poison Garden at Alnwick in 2005 which boasts more than 100 plants of varying deadliness.
But what Ebola lacks in sheer number of cases, it makes up for in its deadliness.
The umbrella is tainted by its bourgeois connotations: for example, Nabokov's dislike of Freud ('an Austrian crank with a shabby umbrella') was sharpened by his abhorrence of the deadliness of middle-class Viennese life.
Hence isolating the virus and maximizing its potential impact as a bio-terror agent is almost negligible, argues those who negates the idea of non-state actors exploiting the deadliness of Ebola to their advantage.
The scope and scale of the epidemic, the virulence and deadliness of the virus now exceed the capacity and statutory responsibility of any one government agency or ministry," she said.
Independent analysts, security and diplomatic sources told Reuters the recent spike in the frequency and deadliness of attacks, mainly on policemen, indicate a greater level of experience and training by the attackers than two years ago.
Nigeria's military and government claim to be winning the war in the five-year insurgency, but the number and deadliness of attacks have increased this year, killing more than 2,000 people so far compared to an estimated 3,600 killed over the past four years.
The growing hazards and deadliness of the littoral seas are something all navies must take into account, but particularly the U.
Deadliness is mixed with beauty and an impending sense of threat is also encountered in Rust (2008), which adopts the shadowed shape of a stealth bomber seen from above, while nesting a model jet fighter within its interior.
The military trumpets a success in its ''onslaught on terrorists'' but then the extremists step up the tempo and deadliness of their attacks.
It didn't take much convincing for her to move forward with the operation -- a decision hastened by the deadliness of her cancer.
More than 100 plants of varying degrees of deadliness are grown and whilst it may not be something you can reproduce in your own plot it would be interesting and informative.
Unlike other ailments, there's a perceieved sense of deadliness and inevitability about cancer which acts a stumbling block in embracing survivors.
Wall Street Journal: Why the San Francisco Plane Crash Wasn't More Deadly "Aviation-safety experts said the human toll of the crash was almost certainly reduced by efforts of jet makers, airlines and regulators to reduce the deadliness of air accidents-from the use of flame-retardant materials and new seats designed to withstand tremendous force, to changes in areas such as crew training.