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time limit


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the point in time at which something must be completed

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Application deadlines for bighorn sheep and goat is the end of April.
OpenNetwork, Microsoft Outline Secure HIPAA Transaction Management Solution to Aid Healthcare Companies in Meeting October 2002 Deadline
If your check doesn't actually arrive by the deadline, it's late.
This analysis shows if all user defined deadlines allocated to an application will be met in all circumstances.
Most big-game seasons and application structures are likely to remain unchanged, and the application deadline for all big-game species will again be in mid-June.
With CompuLaw's Event Selection Expert, attorneys now have an easier way to locate appropriate formulas and trigger codes, determine when a document or event is to be calendared and track its deadlines.
Next application deadlines: There's a rolling admission process, but the deadline is April 11 for fall 1994 admission.
The TA will announce revised Expansion Band Election deadlines.
Carson city officials told the NFL on Wednesday that they will miss the league's deadline for beginning an environmental impact report (EIR) by more than a month, but they were assured that it wouldn't eliminate them from consideration as a site for the return of pro football to Los Angeles.
For international scholarships, the application deadline is November 1.
The requested amendments and consent would extend the deadline from Sept.
We know we need to do everything we can to meet the deadlines of this consent decree, which is in 2006.
AIDS Treatment News published Retroviruses conference deadlines on September 22, but did not have the press and scholarship deadlines at that time.
The Company expects to release the results for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2006 as well as the restated results for the fiscal year January 31, 2005, and the interim quarterly periods for fiscal 2005 and through October 31, 2005, on or before May 1, 2006, within its statutory filing deadlines.
Like most deadlines in Sacramento, the Friday deadline is one that can be stretched.