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a strong shutter over a ship's porthole that is closed in stormy weather

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If you only pick up one Summer Of Arcade downloadable game this year, Deadlight is the one to get.
In Deadlight he finds himself investigating the brutal murder of a prison officer who appears to be universally hated.
The discovery was part of Operation Deadlight, a project to explore World War II subs scuttled at the end of the war.
I must resist the temptation to summon all such antithetical words, and must limit myself to those which peer from their deadlight .
Marr and the other sailors invoke the spirits of their long-ago shipmates--Bridegroom Dick, Tom Deadlight, Jack Roy, and others.
Brezinski were called, and found a deadlight (a metal cover placed over a ship's porthole in stormy weather) was open, possibly left that way by workers in Chicago.
Others bands include Rodney P, The Screaming Citizens, Uncle Joe, James Cassidy, Cat-fisand the Bottlemen and The Deadlight Spiral.
In the evening, there will be bands and acts including Carl Foulkes, The Lizzies, Deadlight Spiral, Tramp with a Plan, and headlining act Inferno.
Scuba divers, led by expert Innes McCartney, will make the first attempt to survey world war II submarines scuttled by the British Navy during Operation Deadlight in 1945.
If that is the case it would be considered Then, gradually, the boats were towed out to sea in Operation Deadlight and sunk by gunfire, torpedoing or bombing.
This boat was scuttled on December 3, 1945, as part of Operation Deadlight when 115 surrendered U-boats were sunk by the Royal Navy in the waters off the north of Ireland between 1945-46.