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Synonyms for deadening

the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine)

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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Here, we suspect, is what Baron really finds troubling--and he may be right--in the new SAT writing test: not that it's formulaic, but that it's deadeningly asocial and results in a monologue.
Then there's Ferrell, tossing off the occasional amusing one-liner as he acts like a petulant kid, but mostly going full tilt at the slapstick and playing the hyperactive buffoon to a deadeningly unfunny effect you thought only Martin Short could achieve.
The work was deadeningly repetitious, wages were just above minimum wage, employee turnover was high, orders were up, the quota was increased, and Tony found himself working 60 hours a week.
Murphy's characters say, deadeningly, precisely what they mean, as underscored by the cast's frequently overwrought performances.
No need here for explanations of Hamlet's delay in avenging his father's death (one recalls, with a shudder, Olivier's deadeningly portentous 'This is the Story.