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Synonyms for deadbolt

the part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key

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Key Control Deadbolt Test: Justin Rockhill, Madrona Ridge
Safe, as well as stylish, SimpliciKey's brass deadbolts are manufactured with carbon core centers and full 1” bolt extensions for maximum security.
Quality service, quality materials, quality price Skye UK are always on hand regarding your purchase - Family run business - Windows & Conservatories made in our own factories - Glass made in our own - Locking wedge on windows - Hingeguards giving extra security on windows Central lock - 9 locking points on each opening - Central Deadbolt windows Fully welded frames on windows - Endurance tested hinges
SGM Enterprises announced its newly patented Crossbar, part of the Ranger Deadbolt family of no-shackle locks for trailers, containers, and warehouse doors.
Similarly, his photographs of a London telephone booth (Sicherung/London [Security/London], 2005) play on the theme of public versus private, as Kessler equipped that booth and six others with an internal deadbolt for extra privacy while making calls.
Company's Walk-In coolers and freezers feature a new deadbolt locking handle, which is included at no additional charge.
Fast forward two weeks and back in Phoenix at the Deadbolt Valentine's Day show.
European multi-points require the thumb-turn, located below the lever, to be rotated 360 degrees to engage the deadbolt and lock the lever.
The FS-100 fingerprint deadbolt is compatible with most doors in North America.
He put a key-operated deadbolt on the front door and locked the only other exit, the basement door, with two nailed boards.
Neglected to install a deadbolt on one interior access door.
Armed with a Taurus 9 mm handgun, he went to the south side of the establishment, where he confronted a man who had gained entry by using a crowbar to break the deadbolt on an exterior metal gate.
In 1992 JCI became involved in keyless entry, radio frequency-based technology that led to the HomeLink garage door opening system (which has been subsequently expanded to being capable of turning on house lights to turning the cylinder on a deadbolt door lock) in '95.
Virgin said its door, which has an aluminium and steel deadbolt on the inside, is the most visible of a series of bolstered security measures introduced since September 11.