deadbeat dad

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a father who willfully defaults on his obligation to provide financial support for his offspring

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Louis chapter of the American Coalition for Fathers & Children (ACFC) are especially angered by what they feel is an unfair stereotype of the deadbeat dad.
Never mind that this improvement on Clinton had himself, once upon a time, been a deferment-seeking draft-dodger--he was an authentic tough guy, not to mention a divorced and remarried deadbeat dad.
Joe Walsh (R-IL) is a deadbeat dad who claimed he was too broke to pay child support for years, yet somehow managed to loan his campaign over $35,000.
Former New York Yankee outfielder and designated hitter Danny Tartabull is reportedly the "Most Wanted" deadbeat dad in Los Angeles.
While the public relations firm retained on behalf of Adoptive Couple has been masterful in creating a withering narrative of Brown-spinning a tale of the deadbeat dad who waited two years before using a "legal loophole" to retrieve his daughter-it is clear that what makes for compelling PR doesn't always bode well for truth or decency.
The killer was exposed as Britain's worst deadbeat dad in 2011 after his mother revealed he was a serial love rat.
Bristol, 21, claims Johnson is a deadbeat dad who owes 38,000 dollars in child support and shows little interest in seeing his three-year-old son.
Suddenly, he was facing several years of automatic wage garnishment, and the shame of being forced to explain to prospective employers why the government considered him a deadbeat dad.
She froths on that I've reacted "as if he were a feckless, deadbeat dad off Benefits Street".
Hostess telling pension plans how to operate is like a deadbeat dad giving parenting advice," Hall said.
When asked if he is a deadbeat dad, Johnston denies saying, "No, and I never will be.
STRUGGLING single mum Kerry Simpson has blasted the deadbeat dad who has 16 kids by 14 women.
Deadbeat dad Frank is played to perfection by David Threlfall (left), the heart and soul of this thrillingly reinvigorated saga of life below the breadline.
Connolly noted that it was the Sheriff's Department that actually decided to stop all renditions, and that it has been a longstanding practice for the state police, working with the state Department of Revenue, to handle renditions in deadbeat dad cases.