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Be sure to notify the deadbeat that you will be doing this.
The new Child Support Enforcement Web page includes photos and information on some of OIG's most wanted deadbeat parents.
My reason for this letter is that I am not a scrounger or deadbeat, I am a hard-working person who, like many others, needs a new opportunity.
Rich Knighten, chief deputy US marshal in Louisville, Kentucky, said: "He's the world's worst deadbeat dad.
However, in cases where the deadbeat parent had remarried, those agencies were allowed to hold the checks for up to six months, in case the couple had filed a joint tax return and the new spouse asked the IRS for his or her portion of the refund.
In today's business environment, business owners and bill collectors can't threaten deadbeat clients with concrete galoshes if they don't pay their past-due bills.
Family practitioners occasionally run into the deadbeat parent who simply refuses to obey the order directing payment of support.
In May 1998 the Montana Revenue Department began publicizing the names of the state's worst deadbeat taxpayers, in hopes of clearing 5 percent of those listed.
All About My Mother, which opens in New York and Los Angeles on November 19, is the story of Manuela (Cecilia Roth), a thirty-something mother--and organ-transplant counselor--in Madrid whose life comes to a screeching halt when her beloved teenage son, an aspiring writer desperate to know his deadbeat dad's identity, is killed in an automobile accident as she looks on.
Her prey consists of deadbeat dads who skip out on their families and renege on their child support payments.
The stereotypical picture of the middle-aged man who trades his wife in for a younger woman, the abusive and/or deadbeat father who abandons his children after the divorce, fuels the legislative and juridical decisions in this country.
This prospect could be New York's number one deadbeat.
However, the companies will first have to fend off threats from con artists and deadbeat applicants.
1 deadbeat parent" by the Department of Health and Human Services pleaded guilty to owing over $1.
Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis recently announced what he called "the largest one- day roundup of deadbeat dads in Worcester County history" as his deputies marked Father's Day by arresting 16 offenders who they claim owe over half a million dollars in outstanding child support.
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