dead end

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Synonyms for dead end

Synonyms for dead end

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for dead end

a passage with access only at one end

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a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible

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left Hessian Avenue dead-ends into Red Bank Battlefield
hit such a dead-end during his six-year family history research project.
And the most scenic part of the park lies along a dead-end road that is only six miles in length.
This must have guide looks at the many openings and dead-ends that characterize the process of finding the most appropriate and effective exit strategy for a business.
The council is talking to Caltrans and Los Angeles County Department of Public Works officials about installing a gated freeway bypass at the end of Castaic Road, which dead-ends at the freeway, Councilman Bob Lewis said Wednesday.
By processing the polymer so that millions of chains line up side by side, the Ohio team and others can make materials in which conduction electrons can almost always avoid dead-ends by hopping to adjacent chains.