dead-end street

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a street with only one way in or out

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Gardner Fire responded first because the main access to the dead-end street and a majority of the residents on the street are in Gardner.
I repeat we have two schools; we are in a dead-end street.
Summary: Tucked away in a small warehouse on a dead-end street, an Internet pioneer is building a bunker to protect an endangered species: the printed word.
Regarding the Cartagena talks, Jorge Coronado, a Costa Rican leader of the Central American social movement, told NotiCen that "the meeting stems from the fact that the Honduran 'gobierno golpista' and those running US foreign policy are realizing they're reaching a dead-end street regarding the Honduran issue.
We came across one dead-end street that was too narrow to turn your car around in, meaning you had to reverse 100 yards to get out.
Third, "homework communication between schools and parents is a dead-end street.
But he got back up, reloaded his weapon, and fled into what turned out to be a dead-end street.
The restaurant also lies on a dead-end street across from an industrial park and is somewhat hidden by a tall hedge that lines the sidewalk.
Also Kirk Road will be converted from a two-lane, dead-end street into a minor vein with four lanes of traffic and a center turn lane.
But while en route, the gang contacts the courier and diverts them to an isolated location like a dead-end street.
While en route, the offenders contact the courier and divert him to an isolated location such as a dead-end street.
First we hit a wicked barrier and wall jam zone on a dead-end street.
Colwyn's trophy trail proved to be a dead-end street as Midland club Rushall swept their fancied Unibond League opponents off the park.
He said: "This is a dead-end street and often households have one or two cars, so parking and access would be a big problem.
Despite having collected their ransom, kidnappers dumped the rope-bound and lifeless body of Reginaldo Panting on June 1 on a dead-end street, two weeks after they had ambushed him at the gates of his vast estate.