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lacking opportunities for development or advancement

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At some point, the car sped away from the officer but was quickly found on Third Place, which is a dead-end street.
The arrested militant has also revealed that TTP faction of Hakeemullah Mehsud in Karachi was being headed by the terrorist commander, Daud Mehsud, while the shocking condition of Hakimullah Mehsud's faction is evident by being narrowed down to the dead-end of Landhi district.
After experiencing a dead-end, financial app users rated the brand they had interacted with an average of two points lower on a scale of one to 10.
Student Jamie-Lee, 18, of Merthyr Tydfil said: "My mum, step-dad and grandparents all had dead-end jobs all their lives, and I pretty much expected the same for myself.
Little did anyone know that it was a dead-end and everyone had to turn around and go back.
The former Post columnist recently published her seventh Dead-End Job Mystery, "Clubbed to Death," set in a South Florida country club.
Arty feels like he's living a dead-end life in a dead-end Kansas town.
Faith Donovan is lady weighed down by emotional baggage--an unhappy childhood, host of poor choices in men leading to dead-end relationships, and two-failed marriages haunt her.
Young characters in soap operas such as EastEnders and Coronation Street are often stuck in dead-end jobs which do little to inspire young viewers, according to a group campaigning for better workers' skills.
TV SOAPS have come under fire for having too many young characters in dead-end jobs.
In November, the city Planning Commission shunned city traffic engineers' recommendations to extend Ermine Street in favor of its residents' pleas to keep the dead-end street as is.
The city declared their neighborhood "deteriorating" based on criteria such as small yards, dead-end streets, and multiple homeowners.
The researchers put the spiders in a transparent box with dead-end tunnels leading off each side.
Nakedly autobiographical, the play is narrated by Tom Wingfield (Christian Slater), a would-be writer chafing in a dead-end job and itching to fly the coop like his father did, leaving his crippled and depressed older sister, Laura (Sarah Paulson), in the care of their frustrated, overbearing mother, Amanda (Jessica Lange).
Although the case seems a dead-end at first, slowly the clues start to come together, leading the investigators back to an earlier time period when there was a strong Russian underground in Minnesota.