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Synonyms for deadwood

a branch or a part of a tree that is dead

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someone or something that is unwanted and unneeded


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The good news is that the November elections are approaching, and if the public is aroused, much of this professional dead wood can be replaced with patriots who will defend our borders and our country
As you might expect, the problem is worse in large businesses than in SMEs, where it's generally harder to hide the fact that you aren't pulling your weight--84% of staff in firms with 1,000 or more employees said dead wood was an issue, compared with 64% in companies with 50 or fewer staff.
Half of it was completely dead wood and the other half had nice foliage pads.
to noon to trim dead wood from about 50 filbert trees.
Nor is it an excuse for failing to weed out the dead wood, collapse the structure, or--Dear God
Most people, of course, would choose the bigger one because it could offer a wealth of more's": more shade, more fruit or nuts, more dead wood for firewood, more shelter, more solace, more inspiration, or simply a higher vantage point.
shutting down the industry's "weak sisters" is best for our industry associations--such cutting of dead wood removes bad examples from among the membership, poor foundry and management practices from the committees, and outdated thinking from the boards of directors.
They have to get rid of the dead wood on their books, foreclose on deadbeats, and generate whatever cash they can from the sale of assets -- even it's only twenty cents on the dollar.
He said he hoped that management would address these issues--as well as retire dead wood and consent to more equitable terms for dancers contracted from outside for the most demanding roles.
So many trees died at the Permian's close that fungi inherited the land for a brief geologic span, feeding on the tremendous amount of dead wood covering the planet.
There is a lot of dead wood at NUFC though, we need to get rid.
MEMBERS of Enviroyouth have been clearing dead wood from scrub woodland on the lower slopes of Castle Hill.
A few volunteers then donned waders to remove dead wood that was acting as a blockage and preventing the stream from free-flowing into the lake.
In acute cases, the branch is ringed by sunken bark, with dead wood at the centre.
Check branches for any diseased-looking or dead wood and remove.