dead weight

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an oppressive encumbrance

a heavy motionless weight

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And why drag this dead weight of a Sunday-school over the whole Christendom?
After seeing the value of its investment in Puerto Rico reduced by over US$1 billion during the past two years, Spain's Banco Santander must be breathing easier as Santander BanCorp (SBP), the bank holding company of Banco Santander in Puerto Rico (BSPR), continues to shed dead weight in an effort to turn around its meager financial results, reports Caribbean Business (Jan.
In the article Enright called disliking Kate and Gerry McCann "an international sport", mused about sedating children, carrying the dead weight of a child and Kate McCann's apparent lack of emotion.
The wall bracket and arm for the REX models are made of powder coated steel with conductive metallic grey paint, whilst a stainless steel spring balances the arm's dead weight, the antistatic polyester-polyurethane hose is ATEX marked R<108[ohm] and they have a manual damper with conductive knob.
As subsequent genre pictures, trailing titles like Zombi 2 and Zombie Flesh Eaters 3, ate their way through America's VCRs, Wood elaborated his original claims, averring in his 1986 book Hollywood From Vietnam to Reagan that the living dead "represent, on a metaphorical level, the whole dead weight of patriarchal consumer capitalism, from whose habits of behavior and desire not even Hare Krishnas and nuns .
The structure sits under its own dead weight, without any fixings or glue.
Companies need to consider how much compensation they are tying up in dead weight at the bottom of the performance scale," says Tom Agnew, a senior consultant at Hay Insight, the Hay Group's employee survey division.
This stock clearly benefited from its sale of Mervyn's and Marshall Field's [retail stores], which were dead weight to the company," says Johnson.
I tried, but I couldn't, to me it was dead weight,'' he said.
DEREK PRINGLE - You cannot carry dead weight against Australia and at the moment, after the evidence of the first Test, Ashley Giles and Geraint Jones are looking fairly dead weight.
Omaha Blues is a remarkably discreet tell-all, and, absent the dead weight of self-justification, reads like someone's answered prayer, very much the meditation of the rabbi's son.
The epigraph that opens Foucault and the Iranian Revolution, taken from the 1978 writings of an Iranian feminist critic of the French thinker, sets the stage for this charge: "The Western liberal Left needs to know that Islamic law can become a dead weight on societies hungering for change.
For that reason, the Cornice design is considerably simpler than competing solutions, stripping away storage-technology excesses that are necessary in PCs but dead weight in consumer electronics.
I would have liked to be fit when getting on the plane and don't want to be a dead weight,' said Thomas.
Additionally, the company recalibrates dead weight sets and recorders.