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Synonyms for space

Synonyms for space

an extent, measured or unmeasured, of linear space

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

a rather short period

Synonyms for space

a blank character used to separate successive words in writing or printing

the interval between two times


one of the areas between or below or above the lines of a musical staff

(printing) a block of type without a raised letter

place at intervals

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This study examined the longitudinal effect of implementing additional dead space on RER and VC[O.
In placing this flap, we used the temporalis muscle portion to cover the dead space and the pedicled portion to cover the cartilaginous part of the EAC and the lateroinferior portion of the bony part of the EAC.
Built from the ground up and developed exclusively for the WiiTM, Dead Space Extraction is a prequel that reveals the events leading up to Isaac Clarke's mission on the USG Ishimura in the original Dead Space game released in 2008.
dead space] = inhaled BD concentration in parts per million; tidal volume = average tidal volume in each breath (milliliters per breath); and total dead space = sum of individual physiologic dead space volume and mask dead space volume in each breath (milliliters per breath).
Masochistically, he slogs through each damned one, leaving his sitters, on whom he has lavished such painterly attention, buried alive in dead space.
A full 360 deg or rotation of the first axis with no dead space in the working envelope is available.
Landlords are presented with the opportunity to turn dead space into "rooftop revenue.
The Moor's Pavane (1949), There Is a Time (1956), Mazurkas (1958): in each, some fine individual performances; in all, a dead space between individuals.
Assassin's Creed III and Other Top Ubisoft Hits Join the Origin Lineup; EA Brings Dead Space 3 and More to Uplay
I'm really pleased that it can now be used by local people instead of remaining as dead space until a developer comes forward.
We compare the effect of tracheostomy versus endotracheal tube on dead space, airway resistance and other lung parameters in critically ill ventilated patients.
Whether you're brave enough to tackle the game in single-player mode, or as part of an all-new four-player co-op mode, it will make a nice addition to your game collection - if you've got a fancy for even more frights after Dead Space 3.
UNTIL now, Dead Space was a cult sci-fi survival horror series with a reputation for shocks and scares that rivals even the early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.
Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: EA) is aggressively marketing its upcoming new game Dead Space 3.
A weapon design system is also being added into Dead Space 3 and the person who submits the best weapon online will have it and their likeness appear in the game.