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This transition from commentary to narration occurs repeatedly in narratives like Elective Affinities, Dead Souls, and Tom Jones, emphasizing the close relationship between these modes, both being the speech of the narrator, yet fragmented into two distinct categories.
The main motif in the play is that of dead souls that return to this world in order to fulfil a certain intention that had not been fulfilled during their lifetime.
Then just the footsteps of someone running away; then Hebrew chanting; then a sort of Austro-Hungarian salon ensemble, discreetly summoning the dead soul of Central Europe.
Yes, it was me who put on Dead Souls and Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division.
A scene from Dead Souls even offers us a "Scott"-ish hint to reading Nikolai Gogol's enigmatic Russian novel.
Then they will "join" that special "assault force" of the transcendent dead souls, who already have established their perpetual survivorhood by floating "over graveyards" where their bodily remains have been buried.
Christ lives on his own island where the dead souls are welcomed.
Not only has he long been an ardent Russophile who speaks flawless Russian, but his bookshop houses a prize collection of Russian literary works, including a signed copy of Gogol's Dead Souls.
Moreover, Tarnopolsky's interpretation of the Gorgias myth reads 'the image of the naked, solitary and dead souls of the Gorgias myth' as Plato's amendment to the Socratic method, depicting in colorful imagery what the painful shaming experience of the logos could not teach.
The English title assumes that the letters stand for zhivye dushi (living souls), in acknowledgment of Gogol's epic Dead Souls (1841), which inspired Bykov's book.
How could they help when they have already once finished their job and how could one require them to bury the dead souls once again.
He said he ''still and forever'' apologizes to the dead souls, while to the survivors he said he stood by his acknowledgement of the crimes inflicted on them, especially at S-21, in both the legal and the moral contexts.
Unfortunately, she offers little convincing proof for her argument, merely affirming that burial customs and funerary monuments kept the dead sufficiently close to the living, despite the fact that Protestants ceased praying to the dead saints in heaven and for the dead souls in purgatory, and that they also stopped pouring money into those devotions.
The excuse of having the Dalai Lama there to comfort the dead souls and pray for the survivors is too humanitarian for the Ma Ying-jeou administration to refuse,'' the newspaper said.