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fixed in your purpose

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A riotous run-through of Beastie Boys cover Sabotage, a totally destructive Hail Destroyer and RATS, the opening track from recently re-released album Dead Set On Living.
However, he faces a major battle because the top military commanders are dead set against the idea of sending troops to Syria, the report added.
Romney and Paul Ryan are dead set on slashing seniors' Medicare benefits to pay for more millionaire tax breaks," Democratic strategist Kelly Ward wrote donors on Tuesday.
The co-production between the Everyman and Playhouse and the Lyric Hammersmith was penned by The League of Gentlemen and Twisted Tales' master of the macabre Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, co-creator and director of Derren Brown's television and stage shows and star of Dead Set, Severance and Campus on screen.
Babacan said Turkey was dead set against nuclear weapons in its region, adding that Iran needed to act more transparently and cooperate more with international institutions.
In 2008, former TV critic Charlie Brooker seized on our love of reality shows and gave us the zombie drama Dead Set.
you can scoop an S90 up for around $330 now if you're not dead set on HD video.
Kuala Lumpur, Jan 21 (ANI): A Malaysian man, who is dead set against his daughter marrying, has threatened to divorce her mother should she go ahead and marry.
The zombie's bloody rampage also echoes Brit bloodbaths Shaun of the Dead and Dead Set.
But love comes again--only her love is dead set on moving away from everything she has established.
My daughter is dead set on going to Vietnam as part of her backpacking holiday.
So I'm not going to make a decision until I am dead set that it's the way I want to go.
Of course, her long-time lover is dead set against her going to perform the task.
Both Nigeria and the Philippines are dead set to resolve this peacefully,'' Conejos said.
THE Fly on the Wall reckons that the executive council of the Asian Racing Federation, which has taken a dead set against betting exchanges, might have done Greg Nichols a favour by withdrawing the conference registration of Betfair's new international door-opener.