dead ringer

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a person who is almost identical to another

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Recording took place last week when Janet rubbed shoulders with dead ringers for Camilla Parker Bowles, Ali G and others.
Perhaps you are a dead ringer for Sven or even have a face as scary as referee Collina.
What's more, with his flat cap he looked a dead ringer for the group's Mike Love.
They must be 50 at least, have a waist as big as their bosom, a backside the size of a small country and be a dead ringer for Mrs Doubtfire.
A MODEL hits the catwalk in an outfit that looks a dead ringer for Darth Vader.
Or at least a statue that is a dead ringer for him.
But there's one artefact that doesn't catch her eye - a statue of a singer that's a dead ringer for her ex-husband, the sex-addicted musician Eric Benet.
A PEST controller is being pestered by screaming fans - because he's a dead ringer for Louis Walsh.
The Girls Aloud singer cuddled the dead ringer for bandmate Cheryl Tweedy as they partied at Pangaea nightclub in London before leaving together in a top of the range Mercedes.
POLICE are hunting a shoplifter who is a dead ringer for Robbie Williams.
And in her place, is a dead ringer for the outlandish American comic and presenter.
ACTRESS Nikki Sanderson swings back to the 60s as a dead ringer for TV favourite Cilla Black.
CORNERING THE MARKET: Sir Elton is a dead ringer for Granville
And Georgia, subtly and smartly played by Muth, seems a, um, dead ringer for ``SFU's'' angry young teen played so capably by Lauren Ambrose.
After Dev broke her regular ones Deirdre had to wear a pair she last sported back in the days when she got decent storylines, and suddenly she became a dead ringer for Dutch footballer Edgar Davids.