dead ringer

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a person who is almost identical to another

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At 40, the gorgeous star is a dead ringer for Britney Spears, but there the similarities with the pop teen virgin end.
Nearly walking off with the movie in a great cameo is ``Saturday Night Live's'' Will Farrell (a dead ringer for Chevy Chase) as Cubby the mortician.
EXPERTS have recreated the face of a 17th century Scottish soldier - and he's a dead ringer for Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall.
49 SPF15 lip balm (a dead ringer for Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour SPF15 Stick, PS20), which gets lips in top nick for lipstick slicking, champagne sipping and 'lively chats' with cabin crew.
Nikki's life is turned upside-down when she meets an art teacher who's a dead ringer for her late husband, again played by Harris.
A Dead Ringer for Love was the highlight, but the gig only exploded into life as the opening chords to the album's title song kicked-off the second half.
But it was easy to see where the comparison had come from, the precocious New Yorker's twangy, drawled delivery being a dead ringer for His Bobness, and that's before Willy started blowing on the old harmonica.
DEAD RINGER WOLVERHAMPTON GRAND HOW can you take the plot of Charles Ross's thriller seriously with a dodgy Prime Minister, cabinet colleagues plotting behind each other's backs, sexual misbehaviour and people economical with the truth?
Alternative fuel strategy in trouble as Tata pulls the plug on UK launch of electric car Page 5 Failure to sanction eye treatment drug branded a scandal by Birmingham barrister Page 14 City legal eagle is a dead ringer for new England football boss Page 6 The winners and losers as government cracks down on binge drinking with minimum pricing Page 18 Windy City gets a taste of Birmingham thanks to top chef at Opus Page 8 Poor schooling to blame for high number of jobless youths in Birmingham, says Education Secretary Page 27 LETTERS PAGES 28-29 NEIL ELKES PAGE 30 RICHARD McCOMB PAGE 31 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY PAGES 36-39 LEGAL PAGE 40 FINANCE PAGE 41 PERSONAL FINANCE PAGE 42 CREATIVE PAGE 43 MANUFACTURING PAGE 44 SPORT PAGES 50-56
I don't know," the pastor said, "but he's a dead ringer for his brother.
This rich merlot comes packaged in a cute orange-n-red box, making it a dead ringer for the quart of Silk soymilk chilling a few aisles over.
THE original Dead Ringer for hundreds of famous voices and faces, Jon Culshaw, is coming to Wolverhampton.
The man behind hits like Bat Out Of Hell, Dead Ringer For Love and You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth, will be at Cardiff International Arena on Sunday, November 11.
The '50s, '60s and '70s are the ideal,'' adds the 36-year-old Trachtenburg, a retro-clad dead ringer for Rick Moranis with a knack for creating indie-rock songs to accompany vintage slides that he picks up at yard sales.
A dead ringer for the gallerist Martin Klosterfelde manned the facsimile space, speaking with a German accent and wearing a wig (which was for sale) made from Martin's real hair.